Why You Should Consider a Cruise

Photo Credit: ecstaticist via photopin cc

Photo Credit: ecstaticist via photopin cc

Cruising used to be the favourite pastime of either the rather rich, or the rather old; these days however, things are a changing, and you can now pick up a bargain cruise of your area of choice for a considerably lower price than once upon a time. As for the age issue, let’s just say this isn’t an issue anymore!

Last minute cruises make the idea of sailing the seven seas even more appealing, and a cruise and stay holiday really does give you the best of both ideas.

I guess what has put most people off cruises is that you see so much over such a short space of time, how can you really say you’ve visited a particular place and explored it, when really you’ve only had a short taster? Well, this is true, but you could flip reverse this way of thinking and see the positives. Having tasters of places gives you an idea into whether you might like to visit somewhere on a land-based holiday at a later date, without wasting money on a full weeks’ break to somewhere you might not like. For some places, a few hours is enough anyway. The best way around this is to pick an itinerary that showcases places you’re 50/50 about whether you might like to visit for longer. Best case scenario is that you find somewhere you can’t wait to head back to. Worst case scenario? You say somewhere different. Where’s the bad in that?

Another major bonus of cruising is that the cost of your food and most drinks is included in the price, so no pesky budgeting! The food isn’t just basic either, you’re probably looking at some of the scrumptious dishes on offer, with a wide range of choices. This is perfect if you’re travelling with kids, or fussy eaters. As for alcohol, you might have to purchase a drinks package, but once you’ve sorted that out, you’re free to enjoy for the rest of your stay.

Let’s talk facilities onboard now, because this is my favourite part. Have you seen the size of cruise ships these days? Even the smaller ones look like floating holiday resorts, but that’s basically what they are. Onboard you will find everything from theatres, shows, discos, nightclubs, and plentiful shops, to countless restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, sports facilities, ballrooms … oh, the list goes on! You could actually spend your entire holiday onboard enjoying the facilities and not really leave, but then what would be the point of travelling? A good way to get the best of both worlds here is to pick an itinerary that has both land days and sea days, so you can get out and explore, as well as enjoy your ship.

If you’re still thinking that your cruise holiday is going to be all about the older generations, then you’re very wrong. A lot of effort has been put into making cruises suitable for all age groups, with nightlife to reflect this. You’ll also find babysitting services onboard, so parents are able to head off a enjoy a night to themselves. You will mingle with people of all ages and nationalities, and it’s a fantastic way of meeting new people, should you wish.

So, if you’re wondering whether you should take the jump and go for a cruise break this year, grab a bargain and head off to explore, you will probably be hooked after your first try.

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