Why Every Travel Fanatic Should Learn to Drive


Some people simply can’t live without the idea of travelling to new, interesting places regularly and seeing as much of the world as they can in their lifetimes. If this sounds like you, then you probably spend a lot of time either saving up for and planning trips, or actually on them, and travel websites are probably your favourite things to browse.

Of course, most of us dream of the kind of exotic, far flung travel that definitely requires a plane or a ship to achieve, and so driving may not be something you necessarily think of as a key skill in terms of realising your travel life goals. More and more people, especially in the major cities in the UK, are forgoing learning to drive and owning a car, instead preferring to use public transport, walk or cycle, and keep the money for other things (like holidays). However, there are several reasons why having a driver’s license is a real boon if you want to explore the globe. Getting through the theory and practical tests may not be as hard as you think now there are resources online to help like this free driving theory practice test.

Travel to Less Accessible Places

While you might fly to the country you want to go to, once you are there, if you are restricted to taxis, buses and trains, you probably won’t get to the more remote places you’d like to experience without a lot of organisation and expense. Negotiating public transport in some countries can be really difficult in some places too, especially in Asia where you may not even be able to read the place names for the stations if they are not written in Western characters. If you have the option to hire a car, which actually only becomes possible when you have had your license for a few years, then you can go wherever you like. This means it is a good idea to pass your test now even if you don’t have a trip like this planned – you’ll be glad of it in the future.

Road Trips

Road trips can be one of the most fun ways to travel there is, whether you start from home and head for mainland Europe, or fly to America and do one of the famous road trips like Route 66.

See More of The UK

While your travel ambitions may be more along the lines of Tokyo, Rio and Sydney, if you aren’t in a position to go anywhere far away you can always drive somewhere in the UK you have never been before for a weekend or even a day to quell your travel urges. The UK is hugely diverse and there are some amazing places to go, from Stonehenge to Edinburgh Castle, and with a car no planning is required – just stick it in your sat nav and go!

These are just a few of the reasons a driving license is a real asset if you love to travel.

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