Welcome to Paradise! Four of the Best Island Destinations in the Indian Ocean

Photo Credit: left-hand via photopin cc

Photo Credit: left-hand via photopin cc

When we’re talking about the true definition of the world ‘paradise’, it’s hard to pinpoint specific words to drum up the best image. The best way to really describe it is in pictures, but everyone’s idea of paradise is truly different. Having said that, the Indian Ocean islands are as close to everyone’s definition of paradise as is humanly possible.

Azure blue waters, white sand beaches, swaying palms, a laid-back vibe … welcome to the Indian Ocean!

The Maldives

A holiday in the Maldives is rest and relaxation in its purest form. Think luxury, blinding beauty, and R&R. Thousands of tiny islands make up the country, with practically one resort per island. The postcard picture you see of water bungalows over blinding lagoons is probably from a Maldivian island, so you can imagine this is a top spot for honeymooners and romance, with Male a popular destination. Anyone who loves marine-life will also find the Maldives a fantastic spot, as you can see colourful fish from up to five meters away, and countless species of fish, turtles, whales, dolphins and coral call this their home.

Sri Lanka

A wildlife lover’s haven, Sri Lanka lies off the southern tip of India and because of that it is a melting pot of culture and nature. Temples, rainforests, wildlife, beaches, and fantastic spa facilities make up some of the best features of the island, with the Cultural Triangle a must visit, showcasing all the heritage of this colourful island. Colombo is the biggest city in Sri Lanka, and this is a must visit for markets, shopping, and a rest from the stunning beaches. Visiting the elephant sanctuary is also a popular activity.


A fantastic choice for honeymooners and those wanting to marry in the total epitome of paradise, Mauritius is not only stunning beautiful, but also extremely cultural, with influences from various countries. This of course makes it a great choice for different types of food. Golfing, shopping in Port Louis, fishing, watersports, sailing, and simply chilling out on a stunning white sand beach make up the best activities to indulge in on your Mauritius holiday.


Another honeymoon favourite, but also one of the best destinations for those who want to escape daily hum-drum and kick back and relax. Mahe is the largest of the Seychelles, even though it is only 17 x 5 miles, making it easy to explore. The beaches here are understandably fantastic, with snorkelling and water-sports on offer. La Digue is another of the islands in the chain, slightly less busy, with equally as stunning beaches, and Praslin is the second largest of the islands, with the famous and jaw-dropping Anse Lazio beach. Paradise indeed.

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