Volcanic Holidays on the Big Island

Hawaii is on of the most wondrous destinations on the planet. Geographically isolated and geologically charged these unique islands pack a real punch when it comes to natural wonders. Oahu has Honolulu and wonderfully sandy beaches, Maui is famous for it’s surfing culture, Kauai is king when it comes to jaw-dropping landscapes but if it’s volcanoes you’re after then the Big Island is the place to go.

The island of Hawaii, or the Big Island as it’s more commonly known, is packed full of things to do for the adventurous souls among us. In Kona, you can swim and snorkel or visit the famous Kona coffee plantations for a caffeine fix. Over in Hilo, you’ll find rain forests, waterfalls and green botanical gardens. Most people make a pilgrimage to the Big Island to check out the Volcanoes National Park which is home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes – Kiluaea.

Travel Associates have created this clickable image to help you plan a visit to the Big Island. You’ll find a tonne of information about visiting the Big Island volcanoes just by clicking the interactive buttons.



Feature photo credit: Buzz Hoffman via photopin cc

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