Unusual Things to Do in Havana

Photo Credit: Nick Kenrick. via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Nick Kenrick. via photopin cc

Havana is totally unique, full of life and absolutely unforgettable – it’s definitely a place to put on your bucket list! Whether you’ve been before or are planning your first trip, here are some ideas for unusual things to do to really make it extra special.

Take a Vintage Car Tour

Vintage cars can be seen more frequently rolling around the streets of Havana than in probably any other city! So why not get into the spirit and go for a cruise around town in an open top 50’s car? You can either hire a car to drive yourself and go further afield, or get a chauffeured tour around the main sights so all the hard work is done for you!

Visit Hemmingway’s Old Haunts

Good bars in Havana are easy to find, but there’s something special in hanging out at the same bars as legendary author Ernest Hemmingway. Floridita, Dos Hermanos and La Bodeguita del Medio were his usual haunts and so should definitely be top of your list. Floridita was Hemmingway’s favourite spot for daiquiris, but can be a bit of a tourist trap now. It’s here that Hemmingway holds the record of drinking sixteen of his favourite cocktail with no sugar and double measures of rum – not one to try and replicate! Dos Hermanos is completely the opposite, but lacks a little of the traditional Cuban feeling you might expect. But that does mean it’s not as crowded – so a good place to get away. Finally, La Bodeguita del Medio is allegedly the birthplace of the mojito – so it’s an absolute must on any Cuban adventure. There are usually musicians playing traditional salsa music, so you can really get into the vibe and have a cocktail or two in Hemmingway’s honour in style.

Take a Tour of a Cigar Factory 

A trip to Cuba just wouldn’t be complete without Cuban cigars – they’re the country’s most famous export! Fine grade tobacco comes from the plantations in the Cuban countryside. It’s then transported into Havana and into the factories, known as habanos, where it’s rolled into cigars. Make sure to take a tour of one of the habanos; at many of them you can even roll your own cigar – whether you smoke it or not is of course up to you!

Go For It!

Whether you decide to go for Havana itself, or further afield in Cuba, it’s a fun and vibrant place full of adventure, so go for it! If you take the plunge and book your Cuban holiday, The Holiday Place has some great information, blog posts and packages to make sure you have a great time.

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