Travel Items You Should Definitely Bring on A Yacht Charter

Sailing on a yacht charter is the stuff of dreams, it’s the type of thought you have as you sit in your boring office job, day-dreaming about what it would be like to quit everything behind and sail around the world.

An incredible experience to be had, being on a yacht charter is the epitome of leaving your worries behind, getting all your problems wiped away by the ocean breeze, the glistening waters and the occasional stunning backdrops and landscapes that will surround you.

It’s enjoying an unparalleled sense of freedom as you sail next to exotic destinations, and revel in the bliss of enjoying the simple life, immersing yourself in the myriad of water activities that are just a jump away and the “unplugged” sensation you get from all of this.

Packing for the trip.

So you’ve decided to leave it all behind and embark on a boating trip, you’ve decided it’s about time to give yourself some relaxation, and become one with nature and the sea, you’ve booked your trip and you’re ready to go.

But reality crushes your dream (as it usually does) and the thought of packing for the trip comes rushing to you and possibly overwhelming you with the fact that you have no clue what to bring.

Who hasn’t been there? The Packing-Induced-Panic as I like to call it is just an essential part of every trip you make, whether it’s just a quick weekend trip or a boating trip.

You have to understand, though, that packing for your yacht charter trip is entirely different from packing for a cruise ship vacation, and definitely vastly different from packing for a holiday resort or your Europe summer holiday.

Even though, most boats are built specifically for comfort and convenience, there usually is very little space for storage and a number of things you need to keep in mind before packing your favorite outfit. Being on a boat is probably a different, new experience for you, and it’s essential to understand the do’s and don’t’s of both, packing and what you can and can’t use on the boat.

So, after you’ve decided which destination you’re going for ( offers a myriad of routes you can choose from), it’s time to take some time to figure out the essentials you need and avoid any hassle or inconvenience in your trip.

To help make things easier for you, we’ve prepared an easy, fool-proof packing-list that includes all the essentials you will need in your trip.

What to pack?

The Luggage

Before you even start considering what to pack, you need to figure out what you’re going to pack in. Your usual hard luggage is a no-go, and you’ll need to keep functionality as your top priority and pack light!

You need something that’s lean, easy-to-store and won’t get ruined with the water. There will be restrictive storage space on board, so not only do you need to pack light, you also need to pack small.

Limit yourself to either:

  • A carry-on sized bag – This will definitely fit everything you will possibly need, and if it doesn’t, then you need to seriously reconsider all the stuff that you bought with you.
  • A duffel bag – A duffel bag is the optimum option, thanks to its soft sides, and ease of storage.
  • A backpack – Having a comfortable backpack is also a great way to ensure your luggage is with you all the time, and is convenient specifically if you’re going to be roaming around some of the destinations you sail to.

Of course, it is no secret that these three options don’t offer a lot of spaces, and you may try rolling, folding or aggressively sitting on your bags to try and make everything fit, so if you’re an over-packer like me, packing cubes are strongly suggested to help you fit everything you might need in one place while keeping your stuff organized.


For day-time

For clothing, remember, you need:

  • Clothes that are easy to put on and remove – after all, you’re going to spend the entirety of your time either floating away in pristine waters or trying to dry yourself on board.
  • Make sure the clothing you bring doesn’t need a lot of upkeep and maintenance, so the faster your clothes dry, the better. Stray away from denim, and ensure that your clothing is wrinkle resistant. Who wants to spend their time on a boat ironing clothes?

With that being said, make sure you bring these things:

  • Bathing suits depending on how long you’re staying. Get at least minimum three, and try to get ones that are easy to wear and won’t create weird tan lines. If you think you can hide from the sun, you can’t, and you don’t want to be coming back with several tan lines overlapping each other.
  • Bathing suit cover-up or summer dresses – These will be perfect for when you can’t take the sun any longer.
  • Shorts – Do not get denim shorts, they will take so long to dry and they will just be a pain to use.
  • A few shirtsthat are comfortable.
  • Skirts for the ladies and nice shorts for the guys.
  • Colorful sarongs.

For going out, or for dinner.

Try to bring one or two “nicer” outfits in case you decide to go out at night or have a fancy dinner. You can get a nice summer dress, and for the guys, you can get shorts and a nice shirt.


Being on a boat requires certain footwear (or none at all) and you should make sure not to over pack when it comes to shoes.

  • Bare feet – flip-flops or your bare feet are the ultimate footwear on aboat.
  • Boat shoes (or rubber soled sandals) with a good grip are great to avoid slipping on the slippery deck, and they will not ruin or leave scuff marks on the boat.
  • Get a pair of land shoes – In case you decide to go into town, a pair of normal shoes will be a great option.

Staying Warm

It is no doubt that the weather usually gets a little bit chilly at night, so make sure you have:

  • A windbreaker, or a light jacket/cardigan.
  • Hair elastics are great for people with long hair to keep the hair out of your face.

Sun Protection

No matter what you do, or how much you try and hide yourself, you willbe in the sun most of the time, and you won’t even feel it before it’s too late. The wind will distract you away from the fact that the sun is just casually burning you, so make sure you bring plenty of sun protection.

  • Oil-free sunblock.
  • SPF lip-balm.
  • Lotion and moisturizer. – The sea and sun will take a toll on your skin and it’s advisable to moisturize constantly.
  • After-sun – In case of a sunburn, an after-sun lotion will come in handy to soothe your pain and prevent any peeling.


Sea Sickness

You never know just how sea sick you really are, so it’s better to get some sea-sickness medication.

Prescription Medications

Make sure you have your prescriptions with you, and all your regular medicines that you take. If you wear prescription glasses, bring a back-up pair!


Aim to pack environmentally friendly toiletries.

  • Travel-size shampoo, soap, and toothpaste.
  • Personal wipes – Those will come very in handy throughout all of your trip.
  • Razors


Bring your travel documents with you. Your passport, visa, charter contracts, your prescriptions and any other bookings you might have made.


  • Books – You will have plenty of time to catch up on that latest book you’ve been reading.
  • – You might not find the sounds of waves as soothing as previously though, so earplugs will definitely help you sleep.
  • Dry bags or Ziplocs to store your electronics.
  • Digital camera (with an extra memory card!)
  • A flashlight – If you are disembarking on land at night, it’s always helpful to have a flashlight to find your way back to your yacht charter.
  • Polarized sunglasses to help you see underwater before, from the comfort of your boat.

Do not bring:

  • Don’t bring too much jewelry, because they can either be lost at sea, or attract unwanted fish.
  • A lot of makeup – You won’t bee needing your entire makeup bag.
  • Hair dryers, straighteners and curlers – Not only will you not find generators, but the high wattage can be inconvenient for the boat.

You’re ready to go!

Now that you’ve got all your travel supplies ready, your bags packed and your stuff organized, there will be nothing left for you to worry about. Stand proudly in front of your bag, and applaud yourself for being able to pack everything you need and for the first time, packing efficiently.

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