Top Tips for Traveling on a Budget


Many of us want to get out there and see a bit of the world, but worry about the expense. This may be because we have families and can’t afford any large purchases, or because we’re studying, such as an online business administration degree, and living on a student budget. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. There are ways to travel and not spend a fortune.


Where do you really want to go? Write a list, in order. You might be able to afford to take a few months out and travel, but the rest may have to be one-offs. Don’t worry about this though. The world isn’t going anywhere; if you are still ticking places off your list when you are 70, who cares?

Prioritize the places you want to visit in all of your destinations. If you are traveling on a budget you might not be able to see everything.


Start saving now. A little every week can add up to a lot. A great way to save money is using an app to help you. The moneybox app helps you to save by rounding everything up. If you pay $3.70 for something, moneybox rounds it up and saves you 30 cents. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this adds up to a substantial amount.

Plan Ahead

Planning your travel ahead of time is a great way to save money. You can often get great deals on hotels and flights by booking well in advance. You can also book any activities online before you go to save money. If you are not tied to a schedule, late deals are also an option. Many travel companies and hotels offer late deals and cancelation offers, so keep your eyes open.

Save on Expenses

Saving money while you are away is a great way to make traveling more affordable. Stay in budget hotels and hostels; you won’t be doing much more than sleeping there anyway. Walk places instead of paying for public transport, as this gives you a great way to really explore new places and get to know the people you meet along the way. Food is one of our biggest expenses, both at home and on holiday. You can save a fortune by learning to cook local cuisine and visiting local markets for fresh ingredients. It’s also a great skill to bring home to impress your friends and family.

Traveling while you are a student is a great opportunity. Plentiful holiday and a lack of commitment make it an ideal time. If you are a student of an online course, like an online business degree, you don’t even need to take time off to study as you can do it remotely. However, traveling with a family is also great. You’ll find with children in tow you see a whole different side of the places you visit, and take something different away with you.

Whatever your age, or situation, don’t let financial concerns stop you from seeing the world.

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