Top Summer Destinations 2016


With summer drawing ever so closer, people everywhere are planning their next trip. These five destinations are some possible venues for a summer holiday.


This South American country has become quite progressive and has a lot to offer travelers. The capital of Montevideo has a variety of cultural and historical sites. The pampas provide a setting for vacationers to live like a true gaucho cowboy.


Accessing this little piece of paradise has become much easier with upgrades to the country’s airport. A vacation in this tropical archipelago offers extreme sports, diving, sailing, fishing and simply enjoying the sun. The coral reefs surrounding the islands are a breathtaking location for snorkeling.

Snowdonia, Wales

This mountainous region is an ideal location for travelers who want to enjoy the outdoors. Snowdonia is proud to offer the longest zip line found anywhere in Europe. New in 2016 is a manmade surf lagoon which appeals to both novice and expert surfers.


Macau is one of the world’s best places for gambling with a wide range of casinos available including pokies that can be found on sites like Many of these casinos are resorts providing full scale services to guests. For instance, the Wynn Macau a sister to its Vegas counterpart. The luxurious resorts offers a variety of dining options, top of the line shopping and of course, gambling.

New Mexico, USA

Located in the desert southwest, the dry sunny weather is enjoyable. For those who are fans of the popular TV show, Breaking Bad, there is a tour that can be taken of sights from the show. Nature lovers can hike the forests and explore petroglyph sites. Hot springs are another option for exploring.

While this list just provides a few holiday suggestions, there are even more possibilities. With a little research and planning, your 2016 summer holiday can be one of the best ever.

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