Three of The Best Train Journeys in South America

Photo Credit: ThomasThomas via photopin cc

Photo Credit: ThomasThomas via photopin cc

I often find that travelling around by train offers the best in terms of seeing scenery. If you can get a good camera that takes photos quickly, with a fast shutter speed, then you should also be able to take lots of photos of what you’re passing, without getting that famous blurred look. Just remember to turn off the flash!

When it comes to destinations with the best train journeys on offer, I don’t think you can beat South America.

In my opinion, the passing landscapes and scenery here are some of the most stunning on the planet, and the whole landmass to me screams mystery and nature at its very best.

For that reason alone, it’s no wonder there are so many highly rated rail journeys based in this part of the world.

I guess it all depends on your personal preference, and where you’re based, but if you’re flexible, and happy to get around, which is always the best way to see the world, then the following three journeys are, in my opinion, three of the very best.

Devil’s Nose, Ecuador

It sounds as good as it is! You can’t really pass up a journey with a name like that, and it’s named after the wall of rock you’ll pass mid-way through the journey. Travelling between Riobamba and Alausi, you’ll pass through the famous Andes. The plus point of this journey is that you can choose whether to travel inside the cabin, or on the roof, giving you a true experience of what you’re seeing. Despite this, be aware that it’s not called one of the “most difficult trains in the world” for no reason, because it passes through steep hills and slopes. Hold on tight!

Curitiba to Paranagua, Brazil

If you’re looking for a journey you can do in one day, to help you get out and about, then this particular one is ideal. Picture lush green vegetation, high mountains, heading towards the sea, mysterious mist and beautiful waterfalls. I think this journey showcases some of the best of Brazilian landscape. Passing over 67 bridges, you’ll end your journey in the seaport of Paranagua, which is really picturesque and olde-world.

Andean Explorer, Peru

Exploring the mystery and power of the Andes aboard the classy Andean Explorer is a fantastic way to view the scenery in relative comfort, with a glass-walled car to really get those photo opportunities. The great thing about this journey in my opinion is that because it’s so commercial, you do see the major points in more detail and with guidance, and you also get a mid-point stop at La Raya, which is the highest point of the whole journey. Basically, you amble your way from Cuzco to Puno through the Andes, and then into the Andean Plains. I shouldn’t really have to describe how stunning that level of scenery is!

There are many more epic rail journeys through South America too, it’s just a case of picking what’s right for you.

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