The View From The Water – The Best Boat Trips Around The Globe

Photo Credit: bill barber via photopin cc

Photo Credit: bill barber via photopin cc

It could be argued that there is no better way to truly see the outline and overview of an area than by sea or river. A boat trip or cruise is not only a truly relaxing experience, but as you pass through different areas, you get a true sense of the place you’re visiting, and the scenery as it passes you by.

There are countless places in the world you can sail, cruise, or meander your way around by water, and all will have a unique flavour and sense of self, however there are certain ones that remain popular for a good reason. You can even book one of the popular adventure gifts in the form of a boat trip from a site like If Only that donates part of the cost to charity. If Enjoying river cruises in Europe in particular will allow you to pass through many different countries and over borders, which you could argue really does give you the best of many different worlds and shows you the differences between countries.

Here are a few boat trips and cruise ideas you might like to put on your to-do list.

Cruise the Danube

The Danube River is one of the world’s most popular regions to see by boat, and it passes through several different countries, including Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania, to name just a few. The German Black Forest is simply stunning, and the waterways you meander through will show you olde-worlde Europe, with a modern twist. There are many different variations on this cruise, so you can choose whichever suits you.

The River Seine

France’s most famous river is fantastic for sightseeing and relaxation. You can easily do anything up to a week-long tour, which will give you free time in Paris, before heading towards Normandy where you can check out the D Day memorial sites, and out towards the English Channel. If you don’t fancy heading too far away from the capital then there are day trips available too, with variations again to suit your needs.

Alaskan Cruises

Who doesn’t want to see the arctic wilderness for themselves? Well, wrap up warm and head out on an Alaskan cruise, increasingly popular, with mainstream cruise companies offering them. Sailing through the glaciers and fjords is something to behold and popular destinations are Hubbard Glacier, the twin Sawyer Glaciers and Tracy Arm Fjord. The wildlife in this area of the world will take your breath away as much as the vision before you.

Cruise like an Egyptian?

The River Nile is world famous and you can easily head off on a boat trip along the length of it, often sailing out of Cairo. You will have time at all the major destinations along the way, checking out pyramids and temples in Luxor and Aswan. This is a good option for combining a land break with a boat trip too.

Yangtze River, China

For something a little more far-flung, sailing along the Yangtze River is an increasingly popular break. You will pass through many important Chinese cities, for this river runs for almost 4000 miles, including Shanghai and Yichang. Like with all the trips we’ve mentioned, there are variations on the itineraries, so you simply pick one that has more in your way of interest. The Three Gorges area is particularly breath-taking and popular, and once you’ve headed back to dry land, why not spend a few days in Beijing or another city to soak up the culture another way?

Travel isn’t all about land-based adventures, sometimes the water holds all the answers.

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