The Top Three Beaches in the Caribbean

Photo Credit: BMcIvr via photopin cc

Photo Credit: BMcIvr via photopin cc

Close your eyes and picture yourself in paradise. Feel the sunshine on your skin and the gentle breeze brought in by the tide. Perhaps you’re stretched out on the sand or swaying softly in a hammock under the welcoming shade of a tropical palm tree.

This heavenly scene need not exist only in your imagination but can be brought to life by a visit to the glorious Caribbean Islands. Holidays to Caribbean are ideal if you want a beach vacation that is one for the books because of its alluring islands, gorgeous coasts, pristine white sands, and so much more!

The Caribbean offers an array of beautiful beaches but we’ve chosen our top three to make your decision easier and bring your paradise that little bit closer.

1. Ju Ju’s Beach – Barbados

Located in the west coast of Barbados, Ju Ju’s Beach is the perfect spot for both swimming and snorkelling. Through the crystal clear waters you’ll find a beautiful reef where turtles are known to dwell, along with schools of brightly coloured fish. Of course this stretch of sand is also home to the famous Ju Ju’s Beach Bar which has made its name amongst holidaymakers for cooking fantastic grilled fish and the best homemade fries in the whole of Barbados. Just in case the sun, sea and sand isn’t enough to keep you entertained, Ju Ju Beach offers a wide variety of water sports and equipment to hire.

2. Half Moon Bay – Antigua

The aptly named Half Moon Bay is beautiful with its stunning pink sand and glistening waters. At times, the waves are big enough for boogie boarding which can be great fun for the kids. Once you’re all sunbathed out you can explore the bay’s rocky area where you’ll find tiny tide pools full of crabs, urchins and the odd sea snail. Not only is this a beautiful beach but a free, natural spa too! The crumbling rock, known to the locals as ‘moon dust’, acts as a wonderful skin exfoliant when mixed with water.

3. Baby Beach – Aruba

Hidden away from the crowded tourist areas, Baby Beach offers a quiet haven with heavenly warm waters and silky soft sand. Aside from when the occasional cruise ship pulls in, the sea life in this bay greatly outnumber the holidaymakers. Parrotfish, blue tang and even octopus are regular visitors to this part of the island and its shallow reef.

As you can see, the beaches in the Caribbean are perfect if you want to achieve a summer vacation that is unlike any other. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip now and experience the extraordinary beaches that the Caribbean boasts of.

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