The ‘Other’ Side of Sydney


Most large cities in the world have districts, separate areas to the city which can either run together seamlessly, or be separate entities in themselves; Sydney is no different.

North Sydney is a commercial area of the city, so if you are visiting for business, you will more than likely find yourself in this part of the metropolis for much of your time. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plentiful attractions and things to see in this area as well, but getting from the central part of the city to this particular section is easy, so you won’t have any issues with sightseeing.

Finding accommodation will be an equally easy thing to achieve, however your decision may not be made quickly when you take into account just how much choice there is! If you’re looking for luxury and value for your money however, you should check out the Chatswood serviced apartments. Here you will have a home away from home feel to your break, located in the heart of the business and retail district of North Sydney – no need to commute!

North Sydney is located very close to the centre of Sydney itself, and it is basically just north of the Harbour Bridge – impossible to miss! The region has its own skyline of skyscrapers and tall buildings, as well as shopping centres, bars, restaurants, and entertainment facilities too; do bear in mind however that lunchtimes and early evening during weekdays can be particularly busy, as those leaving work tend to flock to the bars and restaurants around the area!

We mentioned that North Sydney is an easy region to visit from the centre, and you can either jump on the North Shore Line by train, or jump on the bus too. If you want to drive, this will take you five minutes, depending on traffic, or you can walk if the need takes you.

The main areas of note in this part of the city are basically commercial, so a few photos of the skyline and a few drinks or a meal in the entertainment areas are a must do. The Sydney Luna Park Retro Amusement Park is a great way to let off some steam, and the great news is that its free to enter! Of course, you will need to pay for rides or buy a bulk ticket, but if you fancy a fairground experience, this is where you need to be heading.

In terms of history, head to The Don Bank History Museum on a Wednesday afternoon to check out the oldest building in the area, harping back to 1820, or take a slow wander around the picturesque St Thomas’ Church, which is almost as old, dating back to 1884.

Relaxing during your business trip isn’t difficult in Sydney, and there is certainly plenty to keep you occupied after you close your laptop.

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