The Family Holiday

How to Survive the “Fraught-night” Away with the Kids.

As parents, something happens to us the moment we have our holiday confirmation through. We tell ourselves that no matter what, come hell or high water, everyone, everyone will have a good time.

We fall for it every time; we seem to think that once we’re in a foreign country and in the sunshine we’ll all be closer together and actually enjoy each other’s extended company. When in actual fact we’re holding on to the hope that the toddlers won’t have very loud meltdowns over their upset routines and soaring temperatures, that your partner won’t get a little too carried away with the local vino and your teens won’t kick off about the poor signal and lack of selfie opportunities.

It might be more of a change of scenery rather than a relaxing break away. Here are a few tips on surviving your family holiday.

Check the reviews before you book!

Yes, the hotel looks beautiful, the rooms are spacious and seem comfortable. But is there enough for the kids to do? What is the entertainment like? The WIFI? If you want a real, brutally honest answer to any of these questions then simply check the reviews before you book. Head to their website and get the lowdown on what the entertainment is really like, how good the activities were and how friendly the staff are. If you’re going to be at a resort for two weeks the kids are going to need a change of pace and entertainment as much as you are!

Lower your expectations

Just because you’ve booked a stunning resort with everything anyone could ever want from a holiday all included, doesn’t mean that there won’t be a few hiccups along the way. Accept this early on and you’ll probably enjoy yourself a lot more. No one is perfect.

Stop searching for magical moments

You’re not in a Hollywood film. You’re on holiday in a hot country with your kids who are tired, grumpy and don’t want to do anything you’ve arranged for them. Not every moment has to be magical and memorable. Simple things like heading to the local market or the shops and stopping for an ice cream can be enough to raise a smile.

Don’t compare

Your work friend might have filled your news feed with her yearly trip to the Seychelles with her photogenic family but that doesn’t mean you should compare their experience to yours. If any of her posts are genuine then you simply can’t compare. If you do – you could spoil the holiday for yourself. It’s your choice!

Accept it

You’ve just has the worst, most disgusting meal of your life. You could brood about it for the rest of the holiday or you could simply accept it and laugh it off. Enjoy the times when it goes wrong, as much as the times when it went right.

If you can raise a smile or a laugh when these things happen – you’ll have your holiday, sorted.

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