Ten Websites Every Traveller Should Know About

Photo Credit: zabaraorg via photopin cc

Photo Credit: zabaraorg via photopin cc

Every trip needs a bit of expert help. Flying by the seat of your pants is all very well and good, but expert advice helps make a mediocre trip into a seriously great trip. With the Internet at our fingertips, all that information is out there, and there are several websites that bring it all together in one handy place. You need these websites in your life!


Getting around the planet on English knowledge alone will get you so far, but demanding everyone else speaks the same as you, without even trying to learn a few phrases, won’t gain you much in the way of respect. The great thing about this website is that it helps you learn the lingo for free, and you can easily connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to track your progress.


This is your handy one-stop for all the best deals on flights, international, internal, domestic, you name it. Simply put in your requirements and assess the results. Easy, and helps you get around without having to trawl several websites.

Lonely Planet Thorntree Forum

Information from fellow travellers is often the most reliable and honest, and this website is particularly good for that, because it’s separated up into areas of the world, making all the advice you’re being given, specific to the parts of the world you’re interested in. Got a question? Ask it, and wait for the answer.


Finding up to date figures and information the cost of living in particular countries, cities and resorts is made easy on this website, as well as information on the other aspects of moving your life to another country. Again, this spares you the need to trawl the internet and find rather questionable advice from other sources.


A little like Adiosos, Skyscanner searches all the major airlines and agencies, whilst putting together exactly what you’re looking for, and giving you options. This will also form you a journey with split airlines, and direct and indirect. Invaluable.


Looking for real-time, up to date currency exchange rate information? Or simply want a quick calculation? This is probably the most reliable website you’re going to find when it comes to currency money matters.


Twin centre holidays, cruises, travel between areas, this is a great choice of website for putting together a bespoke trip, with a huge scope for choice. Expedia are reliable, so you can be assured of quality and protection in your bookings.

Rome 2 Rio

This is probably my favourite website as far as travel goes, because wherever in the world you want to go, put in your start point, your destination, and wait for the results. This site will tell you exactly how to get there, with buses, trains, planes etc. Hugely informative.


This is where you’ll find the last minute deals, which are often heavily discounted. If you’re happy to be spontaneous, check out deals and jump if you see a quality one.

Trip Advisor

Honesty is always the best policy they say, and on this site you’ll find reviews and honest opinions on location, facilities etc on a variety of things, such as hotels, restaurants, apartments, resorts and attractions. There are also forums where you can ask fellow travellers questions.

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