Ten Digital Nomad Blogs you Should be Following

Photo Credit: gnuckx via photopin cc

Photo Credit: gnuckx via photopin cc

The life of a digital nomad can be many things, mostly positive, but it can also be a rather lonely one when you find yourself in a posing situation, needing advice. Who do you ask? It’s likely that your loved ones won’t know the answer because they’re simply not in the same lifestyle situation as you, so it’s worth building up a network of like-minded, and like-situational people you can discuss such things with. This doesn’t even have to be people you see physically, as the online world stretches to advice too!

A good way to stay in touch with people in your situation, whilst finding useful hints and tips, is to follow blogs. You’ll find countless digital nomad blogs out there, but to sort the wheat from the chaff, here’s ten that you should hit ‘follow’ for.

Never Ending Voyage

Simon and Erin are a couple from the UK who decided to head off and travel the world, digital nomad-style. Really easy to relate to, full of interesting and practical advice, such as how to pack etc, this is a great place to head for advice when you’re stuck on the practical elements of your travel life.

Making It Anywhere

Again, advice and tips, but Making It Anywhere differs slightly in that Mish and Rob, another couple who have been digital nomads since 2012, offer help and advice on a professional level, with coaching and a forum to ask further questions.


Fun, lots of ‘best of …’ articles, very informative, and easy to navigate. Lots of advice on how to travel smarter, and lots of things you might not have thought of, which let’s face it, is the whole point of blogs – sharing ideas and tips with those likeminded souls.

Bohemian Travelers
This is one cool family! Having lived abroad for over 6 years in Central America and Asia.  They are inspirational and unconventional, and it’s written in a very personal way, which makes it easy to relate to.

Bridges & Balloons

The tag line is what got me on this site – ‘live the life you want, not the life you think you should’. This is the aim for all digital nomads, and those who simply want to travel, right? Victoria and Steve, a couple from London, tell tales of their travel and give you hints and tips to help you on your own way.

Nomadic Matt

Matt is quite the celeb in blogging circles, and this is a professional site that has been mentioned in several publications. Down to earth but glossy in appearance, you can sign up for a free newsletter, giving you a handy reminder to check back for any up to date information that could help you in your nomadic lifestyle.

Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads is a very down to earth site again, and is more about personal travels than business, but does have handy hints. Very personal views, which makes it easy to read, and again, inspirational.

RTW Travel Guide & 30 Traveler

Kate and Kathryn who run these two blogs are relatively new to the digital nomad lifestyle. They’re an inspiration to anyone who likes to travel well but on an extremely tight budget. These two girls are so frugal they can make $3000 last a month in Manhattan! Kate is a vegan which makes their travels even more of a challenge but they make it work.

Exile Lifestyle

Colin Wright, a digital nomad in his own right, has a rather different take on his blog – he literally uses his readers’ advice on where to go, moving every four months based on where his readers tell him to go! Sharing his views and tips as he goes, this is from a man who has done it and knows a lot.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

A real entrepreneurial site, this is where you’ll find lots of business hints and tips, with podcasts, videos and tutorials. This is professional advice from someone who has done it all herself.

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