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Photo Credit: add1sun via photopin cc

Photo Credit: add1sun via photopin cc

Travelling with an existing medical condition can be an added worry and it does mean that extra things have to be taken into consideration such as the state of medical facilities in the places you are visiting, what supplies you may need to carry with you and whether or not you need a Doctor’s note or signed prescription to enable you to carry bulk quantities of your prescription medications across borders.

To ensure a smooth trip find out the answers to your questions well in advance of your travel date and write everything down in a notepad, keeping any prescriptions or notes in the back. Be certain to get all relevant immunisations before you travel as you may be more susceptible than others to picking up diseases. And last but not least ensure that your travel insurance caters for your pre-existing conditions. If not, check out a specialist insurance supplier like Able 2 Travel and other insurers who specifically cater for those with pre-existing conditions.

Check it Double Check It

Before you leave the house for your first flight, the top tip is to check it and double check it. From online check in and printing of boarding passes to weighing of luggage and packing of essential items; everything should be subjected to the check it double check it test. When you have initially done something, check it again and tick it off your overall to do list. Then the day before you are due to travel go through your list carefully, one item at a time and double check it. This should reduce the number of things you’ve forgotten but bear in mind everyone forgets something, don’t let this ruin your trip.

Emergency Plans

Make sure that you have a plan in case an emergency should strike when you are travelling. Have a designated person back home who is your main contact in case of this type of situation and ensure that you keep their name and contact details clearly on you at all times along with a copy of your insurance certificate. If you have any allergies, always wear your identity bracelet to provide emergency services with that information immediately.

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