Staying Safe And Comfortable While Travelling Around The World

Voyaging around the globe is easy, fun even. Staying safe and comfy while at it, therein lies the rub. One insightful Andre Gide once said, “ Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has courage to lose sight of the shore”. That very spirit is embodied by digital nomads who travel around the globe in a quest for adventure. People travel for many reasons but none as fulfilling as adventure. Studying as a digital nomad or working as one is more of a thing than most people realize. According to Pieter Levels, a contributor at the 2015 DNX Global Festival, there will be 1 billion digital nomads by the year 2035. Freelancing is the fastest growing labor force with 8.9 million freelancers in Europe as of 2013. In the US freelancing contributes  $715 billion to the economy.


Hacks To Staying Comfortable As A Digital Nomad

Digital nomads live out of their backpacks and suitcases. For maximum comfort, go for a suitcase with a hard shell, wheels and extra compartments to fit as many belongings while economizing on space. Sturdy zippers and durability should also be on the checklist. When it comes to pillows and blankets, you want to go for light and compact ones. The ideal outdoor blankets fold down to the size of a smartphone and are quick to dry. Most are waterproof or have water-resistant finishes to steer off grass dew when camping. Their size and material are convenient, making traveling comfortable.


Safety Tips For Digital Nomads

Before going to any of the top digital nomad hubs, take time to do some research. Find out which streets are dangerous, which hotels have the best facilities, what legal requirements are needed, the faux pas in the city. Some states require you to take certain vaccines or return tickets and you will need that to avoid trouble with the law.  Check the weather forecast so you can pack appropriately. Learning the culture will also help you keep off acts that the locals consider offensive.


Keep Track Of Your Valuables

Do not carry unnecessary equipment all over. If you can, leave it at your hotel. Always have your laptop and phone among other valuables on you. Putting a GPS device in your backpack will help you track its location at all times.


Employ Useful Apps

One of the most important being the Find ER apps which help you locate a medical institution within your vicinity in case you get injured or something. Scanning all important documents and storing them in apps like Google Drive enables you to provide them whenever required. Google play store is packed with apps with location guides and maps. Alarm apps like a scream alarm app are great incase you find yourself in a dangerous situation and you need to signal people for help. Entertainment apps like Netflix are great if you want to pass some time.


Beware Of Public Wifi

Most modern cafes and eateries have free wifi to bring in more customers. While working on your device using a public wifi, you leave yourself vulnerable to hackers, corporate sabotaged, eavesdropping software, and other malicious programs. Ask for credentials before using any open wifi network to ensure your data or sensitive information is safe. Investing in paid or free VPN plans will go a long way in regulating your internet traffic and protecting your data.


Check in regularly with loved ones and have emergency signaling devices in case you are going for camping or hiking in remote places. Sunscreen is a must along with energy bars and drinks to keep you energized during intense activities. Get a reliable travel insurance to cover for any extreme sports, injuries during travel or lost belongings.

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