Sports in Dubai for the Active Traveller

Dubai is well known as one of the ultimate destinations if you’re looking for exclusive hotels, luxurious shopping outlets and searing temperatures, but there’s so much more to experience for the active traveller. Sport is surprisingly big in Dubai, and whatever your passion, there’s something for you. Here are just a few of the different things you can go to watch or experience for yourself:


Along with cricket, football is the city’s most popular sport. There are no fewer than five teams representing Dubai in the UAE’s Arabian Gulf League, with Al-Wasl FC being the most successful. They were even recently managed by footballing legend Diego Maradona. The season runs from September until May, with plenty of opportunity to watch a game being played.


As the UAE is home to many Indians and Pakistanis, cricket is very popular in Dubai. The International Cricket Council is even located in the city now, having previously been in London. There’s plenty to see, and plenty of pitches for hire if you’re away with a group and want to play. Ideal for team building if you’re on business.


If golfing is your thing, then you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of stunning courses available in the city, with some of the very best and most exclusive being world-renowned. The only downside is that extremely high temperatures mean that breaks are essential. Choose the coastal courses for the maximum wow-factor.

Water sports

Dubai’s spectacular beachside hotels are world-famous, and those that enjoy activities such as sailing, windsurfing and kayaking will be delighted by what’s on offer. The waters are a deep blue, making the views truly beautiful. Wakeboarding or wake surfing along the length of the marina is a particular highlight.

There’s plenty more to do and see in Dubai’s resorts, including things like auto racing and even extreme sports, so you’re sure to be able to find something that you’ll want to watch or get involved in while you’re there. Just remember to prepare for the extreme heat – it can really make physical activities tough, but that’s the price you pay for fantastic weather and scenery. The ski slope nearby Kempinski’s Mall of the Emirates is there if you really need to cool down. There are also traditional local sports such as camel racing and falconry for those looking for something completely different.

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