Solving the Indian Mystery


There are few countries in the world surrounded by as much mystery and intrigue as India. Packed with stunning sights, colour, and culture that really is like nowhere else on earth, it’s no wonder that this huge country is one of the most famous backpacking regions on the planet. Of course, not everyone wants to backpack, and that means finding another way to get around.Have you considered a motorcycle tour?

Vintage Rides offer motorcycle tours around various regions, namely Asia in particular, on the back of a vintage motorbike. Guides are experienced, the itineraries are well-planned, and everything you could need is included in the price you pay before you head off.

Sounds good?

Motorbike tours in India are hugely popular for many reasons, but the landscapes you will pass through are ideal for road trips, which makes this region one of the best to see on two wheels. There are four tours on offer, which means you can choose the one which calls out to you the most, without having to pass through areas that don’t really capture your imagination as much. Of course, most people visiting India tend to focus their time on the large cities, such as Delhi, and one of the most beautiful sights on offer – the Taj Mahal. These are locations which should definitely be on your list, but the more off the beaten track choices are some of the most rewarding.

Himalaya is perhaps the most popular tour on offer, and when you check out the landscapes on offer, you will see why. This lunar-like land takes you to the foot of some of the highest mountains you will ever see in your life, winding through narrow roads, with lush valleys below you. Put simply, this is perhaps one of the most life-changing roads you will ever place your wheels on! A journey of self-discovery is certainly very possible here, however the Southern India tour is just as popular, for different reasons.

Goa is one of the most visited regions of the country, and the beaches here are so beautifully laid back, which lends itself to a truly relaxing break. Of course, tourist resorts don’t always show you the real way of life of a region, so this particular tour takes you a little further away from the beach, and allows you to see the ‘real side’ of Southern India.

Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are the two other tours you can take, which take you deep into true tradition and culture, allowing you to interact with locals, try delicious traditional food, and really experience India in its purest and wonderful form.

Exploring this breath-taking land on a motorcycle is probably one of the most iconic and alternative ways to travel, so if you’re bored of the same old, same old, why not give it a try?

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