Singapore’s Best Events in the New Year

photo credit: dinuks via photopin cc

photo credit: dinuks via photopin cc


How do you spend New Year, or indeed the first few weeks of the New Year itself? January itself is a depressing time, but starting it with a bang is a must! A concert, maybe tickets to Michael Buble, partying like it’s your last night on earth, delicious food, day trips to brighten up January days, however you choose to celebrate the start of a new calendar year, and maybe a new start, make it begin with a bang!


Singapore is known the world over for being a huge, vibrant, and cultural city, and there is nowhere better to begin a fresh year than somewhere like this. The New Year celebrations in Singapore are huge, bright, loud, and plentiful, vying for attention amongst the other major cities famous for their massive firework displays, such as Sydney, or the famous celebrations in Times Square, New York.


If you find yourself in this huge city over the New Year period, where are the best places to go to celebrate the chiming of a fresh start? Well, you’re spoilt for choice, as each event vies for the title of The Best, but for your perusal, here are a few you might like to think about.


Marina Bay

Without a doubt, the main celebrations will be in this very atmospheric part of the city, for good reason! This is where the biggest party will be, and probably the main touristic spot overall. A massive firework display will light up the sky, with the best vantage points here, reflected in the shimmering water, with the Singapore Flyer the backdrop of the celebrations. This is the closest point to the main hotels and restaurants, so if you’re visiting for the first time, this is perhaps the place to head, although reservations will be needed, and it will get very crowded!


Siloso Beach Party

The beautiful beaches of Siloso offer the scenic backdrop for 12 hours of non-stop music and partying! If you’re all about the laid-back vibe of a beach party, this is the event for you. There are five zones set out along the beaches on this area, so find your ideal spot and party like it’s your last!


Clarke Quay

Set along the waterfront, Clarke Quay offers a more sophisticated and calmer way to celebrate the New Year. If you prefer to have a more sedate start to the year, in relaxing settings, this is the place for you. This won’t be anywhere near as crowded as the big festivities of Marina Bay, so if you don’t want to elbow for room, book a restaurant ahead of time, and enjoy the evening.


Labrador Park 

Labrador Park is more of an urban, tranquil, laid-back vibe, but don’t mistake this for no partying, as the music will go on until daylight shines through! Parties, cultural events, food, plenty of drink will await you at various spots, with bands booked to play during the evening. There are expected to be huge crowds, so again, get there early!


Wherever you choose to spend your New Year period in Singapore, glam up, grab a Singapore Sling, and enjoy the festivities!


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