What’s Great About… Romania

Photo Credit: fusion-of-horizons via photopin cc

Photo Credit: fusion-of-horizons via photopin cc

Recently inaugurated into the EU, Romania is high up on the tourism hot list, and for good reason. Dracula knows these things after all, right?

Aside from Transylvania, Romania is rich in culture, nature, and history, and with low cost flights and ease of travel, it’s no wonder more and more of us are heading in that direction.

I don’t think you could visit and not head to Transylvania, I personally think that would be a travel crime, so make it at least a stop on your journey, and experience the mysterious and dark vibe of the region, with soaring medieval castles.

You might not know much else about Romania as a country, so I’ve put together a few tips and knowledgeable bits of information for you to mull-over. Lucky for you!


For nature, it has to be the Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea Coast, the dark forests, countryside and huge green hills of the Transylvanian region, The Danube Delta, and the Transylvanian Alps.

For culture, Bucharest is where it’s at, and the capital has museums, galleries, and architecture to keep even the most eager culture-vulture happy. Place of Parliament is one of the main attractions. Bucharest is in the Muntenia region, however the Sibiu region is another great example with historic sites to visit. Banat is where you’ll find baroque architecture and picturesque German-style villages, and Dobrogea is the sea-side area on the Black Sea coast, with ruins of former Greek and Roman cities.

Getting around

You’ll more than likely fly into Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest, however Cluj-Napoca International Airport in Transylvania is also another low-cost airline hub. Getting around the country is quite easy, with reliable bus and train networks. A better suggestion to see the main sites, crossing quite large distances, would be an organised tour, and there are plenty around, mostly based in the Transylvanian region.

Bucharest has a good inner-city rail network, and there are also other inter-city trains and night trains for crossing the country, into other regions. To truly see the differing landscapes and experience old and new, I’d personally hire a car and head out on a road-trip. The sights you’ll see are more than worth it, but just check licence requirements for your country of origin, and be sure to carry your paperwork at all times.

Food, glorious food

Now, I’m a picky eater, but even I was spoilt for choice in Romania. Because of the varying historical elements to this part of the world, there are many different influences that have left their mark on the cuisine of the country. Turkish, German, western, they’re all there, so nobody will really go hungry. Go traditional and try some of the delicious soups, of which there are many varieties, stuffed vine leaves, or stuffed cabbage rolls with sauerkraut. The pastries are sticky and delicious too.

Basically …
You’ll find a really intriguing mixture of olde-world and modern in Romania, and it’s not simply about the Dracula element.

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