Pit stop time! Five of the Best Cities in the World for a Long-haul Stop-Over

Photo Credit: Xin Li 88 via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Xin Li 88 via photopin cc

Long-haul flying is exhausting, but thankfully a lot of the time you have a stop-over, meaning a break to either get your head down for a few hours, stretch your legs, or even split your trip completely and stay for a few days.

However you choose to work your stop-over, a good way to look at it is that you have time to explore another destination, and with so many exotic and exciting cities out there, this is the perfect opportunity to sample another place entirely.


A city dripping in glamour and expense, Dubai is a hugely popular stop-over city, especially for flights to Australia and New Zealand. If you’re lucky enough to experience a stay in Dubai, you will find it a completely different experience to what you’re no doubt expecting. It can only really be described as a little like Las Vegas, but a lot more sophisticated – it’s just one of those cities that has to be seen to be believed, with countless huge malls, intoxicating souks, and entertainment activities. There are plentiful options for accommodation if you choose to stay for a little longer, with the Palm Tree Court Dubai a fantastic choice. Think five star comfort and glamour, with plentiful dining options, bars, entertainment and facilities.

Hong Kong

One of the major plus points of a stop-over in busy, vibrant and high rise Hong Kong is that the city is compact enough to explore within a few hours, and the Airport Express train will get you to the heart of the city in just under half an hour. The Star Ferry across the harbour is a must see in Hong Kong, as well as yet more fantastic shopping opportunities and delicious Asian fusion food to fill up on before your onwards travel.


We all know about Amsterdam’s tulips, canals, and bikes, but you might not realise that it is also one of the world’s top stop-over cities for long-haul flights to various destinations. One of the great things about this laid-back city is that it is really easy to get from the airport to the city, and back again, so if you have a short stop-over you can choose to head out and explore for a few hours, or extend it and stay over if your flight schedule allows.

San Francisco

A top city to visit regardless of whether you’re heading there for a one-stop holiday, or a pit-stop along the way, San Francisco is easy to navigate, easy to walk around, and has plentiful attractions to visit, regardless of age. You can get downtown in around 20 minutes, and from there you can shop, eat, party, or head a little further out and visit attractions such as famous Alcatraz or the Golden Gate Bridge. This of course depends on your flight schedule, but this very busy stop-over city certainly caters for those on a flying visit.

Kuala Lumpur

This Malaysian powerhouse of a city not only boasts the famous Petronas Towers, but it is also an increasingly common stop-over point for flights heading towards Australia and New Zealand. Very busy, vibrant, and colourful, Kuala Lumpur has is easy to get to from the airport, with shuttles heading to the centre in around an hour. From there you can shop ‘til you drop, with massive malls, especially in the Bukit Bintang area, or do a little sightseeing before heading on to your final destination.

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