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Photo Credit: via photopin cc

Photo Credit: via photopin cc

Travelling the world and making money on the go as a digital nomad is becoming an increasingly popular avenue for many to go down. This is for all walks of life, not just those leaving university and wanting to travel, but people fed up of 9 to 5 and wanting an adventure, but unable to fund it entirely.

But now, these are all possible with just a few clicks on your keyboard. You can manage your finance, business and even apply for a loan without bothering to walk in and do it physically. This can easily be done with title loan lenders in Scottsdale, Arizona. Welcome to age of Digital Nomads!

The dawn of the Internet means business is not only possible, but very lucrative if aimed in the right directions. But, where to start?

These are just a few options available to the wannabe digital nomad, wondering where to begin in their money making adventures.

1) Blogging

Blogging is not only a great way to document your adventures but also a money making scheme. Despite that, it is best run alongside another option, as it’s not the biggest way of making money on the go. You don’t have to simply stick to travel blogging, and it doesn’t have to be personal, however this is probably the easiest option as you will have more to say. You can blog in any interest you have, and contact companies who might want a mention to help sell their products, which is somewhere you may pick up a little financial help, or allowing ads on your site. Making money from blogging is very real, and also a great creative outlet.

2) Freelance writing

Sites such as oDesk are flooded daily with writing projects, and if you see one you fancy, the trick is to bid low and build up your client base from there. I do freelance writing, and I found at the start, I had one regular client, and from starting with small jobs, I’ve built up to a small group of regular clients I work with, often without having to bid for extra work. It’s all about building up from the grass roots, but this is a very creative and flexible way to fund your travels, and of course, you can be anywhere in the world.

3) Web developing

Those with a technical eye, or big on IT skills, can also pick up work on freelancing sites, again oDesk is a good one. This is another one of those jobs you can do on the go, and travelling will give you more inspiration to put into your chosen tasks. Advertise your skills on appropriate forums, and look on freelancing sites. Again, it’s a case of networking and building up your client base.

4) Graphic design

Good with art and IT? Again, I’m repeating myself but freelance graphic designers are in demand on freelancing sites. Word of mouth is another good way to get your name out there in this particular genre, so advertising, doing smaller jobs, and working up is the way to go.

5) Day trading

This is a hugely lucrative, if not slightly unpredictable way to make moolah. Stocks and shares, via the day trading route can go either way, as I’m sure you know, but again, building up a client base and starting small, will build upwards. However, I would recommend investing in Quicken personal finance software or something similar to keep track of your revenue and expenses. You need to know your business in this particular area, and like any digital nomad, you need a seriously good internet connection to be bang up to date on happenings around the world.

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