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Holidays, be it summer or winter, are fantastic experiences to have. You could be heading somewhere hot and exotic, somewhere cold and dramatic, or you could be jetting off to a city you’ve never experienced before, but the bottom line is that travel is something we should all enjoy every last second of. It’s worth mentioning however that protecting your travel plans against foreseen circumstances is always the best bet; just because something is designed to be amazing, doesn’t mean that there can’t be a few road bumps or hiccups along the way.

To make sure your upcoming holidays or travels are safe, healthy, and downright fun, remember these important points before you head away.

Are you insured?


Travel insurance is a boring subject, we can’t lie about that, but it is probably the single most important thing you need, after your passport of course. If something went wrong whilst you were away and you didn’t have travel insurance, you would have a rather large bill to put everything right, at the very best outcome. Travel insurance basically insures, literally, against medical problems, logistical issues, or other travel-related hiccups, such as lost baggage, or cancellation. Be sure to shop around for the best policy for you, and remember to declare any pre-existing medical conditions at the time. Never forget this step!

EHIC card

If you are travelling from an eligible country into another EEU country, then you should certainly be heading online and ordering your free EHIC. This is the European Health Insurance Card, and it covers you for any medical treatment to the same level as in your own country, excluding private treatment. This is basically a safety net in case of medical issues, which we should never take for granted. If you already have a card, check the expiry date, and if it’s run out simply head online and do your EHIC renew with time to spare.



Never forget your passport! If you forget this detail then you’re basically not going anywhere. Be sure to check the validity left on your passport too, as most destinations these days ask for six months to be left on your passport after the date you return home, however do check your particular destination for the fine print. If you find that you are going to be short of this mark, you can renew your passport early to avoid issues at the airport.

Do you need a visa?

Not every destination will require you to have a visa to enter the country, however many do so it’s worth checking this out well ahead of time. If you need to apply for a more formal visa then this can be a lengthy process, however many destinations simply ask you to apply online, or even buy a visa stamp at the airport – check your particular destination’s rules online.

Health issues

Make sure you have enough of your regular medications to last you for the duration you are away, and always store these in the marked box, in your hand luggage. On top of this, do you need additional vaccinations for your destination? Ask your doctor for advice on this.

Money matters

You will usually get a better exchange rate in the resort you are heading to, in comparison to what you will get on the High Street back home, having said that however, you don’t want to be carrying large amounts of money with you when you’re travelling, so give some thought into how you want to carry and store your cash. If you choose to use cashpoints, or ATMs, make sure you inform your bank of your travel plans, so they can put a travel marker on your account.

Well planned travel means you have a much better chance of a healthy, happy, and memorable holiday, for all the right reasons.

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