Looking For Something Different This Summer?

If you’re sick of the same beach resort holidays, then perhaps it’s time you spread your net a little wider.

This summer, you’re probably going to be wanting to jet off somewhere warm, sunny, with a beach, and a few excursions and places of interest on offer, but what if you’ve done that to death? What if you want to throw a little extra something into the mix?

Most people get to this point in their travel lives, because even though every single destination on the planet is different in its own way, there are often similarities which can bundle themselves together into one huge amount of sameness; basically, we get travel bored.

One place which is not only exotic and sunny, but also cultural and downright beautiful, is Thailand.

A long favourite on the backpacking route, but also a fantastic destination for anyone who wants to experience the best of South East Asia, with a tourism safety net thrown in at the same time, Thailand is increasingly more affordable, and the good news is that the weather is downright fantastic!

There are many destinations to think about when planning your Thailand holidays this summer, but most people tend to focus their attention on the idyllic Thai islands – quite rightly! From Koh Samui to Phuket, there are countless islands which really do give you that Robinson Crusoe castaway vibe, whilst also being easy to visit in terms of tourist facilities. You don’t have to venture too far from your hotel to find yourself in the middle of the jungle, with elephant rides and sanctuaries, various other wildlife, and countless types of flora and fauna.

Of course, the beaches are some of the best in the world – blindingly blue sea with white sand to take your breath away; you can almost hear those palm trees swaying gently in the breeze!

The great thing about visiting one of the Thai islands is that there is also nightlight on offer, so you get culture, but you also get fun at the same time. Be sure to try a few authentic dishes and head to a temple to really throw yourself into the culture – learning about the way of life will make your trip so much more rewarding.

Bangkok is a place you simply have to venture to when visiting Thailand, whether you connect your flight there or you make a stop off on your own steam. This neon-lit bright city is obviously the capital, but it is a hub of traditions and cultures all at the same time.

Put simply, there is nowhere else on earth like Thailand, and this summer it is waiting for your visit!

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