Look For Action & Adventure? Head to Costa Rica!


Adventure holidays are on the rise. Why? Because we love to get our adrenaline flowing, our hearts pumping, and screaming at the top of our lungs; it makes us feel alive and often brings to the fore some of the most amazing experiences we’re ever likely to have. If this sounds like your idea of fun, you’re probably looking around different destinations to enjoy this kind of break.

Have you ever thought about heading to Costa Rica?

This Central American country may be small, but it is packed with stunning beaches, rainforests, nature, history, culture, and of course, some fantastic adventure experiences to be had. Costa Rica adventure vacation packages are on the rise, and there are countless different types to be tried.

Heading off on a group tour is a fantastic way to meet new, likeminded people, and also gives you the added benefit and expertise of a highly knowledgeable tour guide too. Whether you want to go jungle trekking, white water rafting, surfing, zip lining, canoeing, or hiking, the great outdoors is definitely there to be enjoyed.

Arenal is the country’s most famous attraction, a very active and very spectacular volcano which shows slight activity every single night. The landscape around the volcano is also fantastic for walking and cycling, as well as checking out the many hot springs, which offer many health benefits too – perfect for relaxing after a long day’s outdoor fun! You’ve probably also heard about Monteverde and its famous cloud forests, and these truly are something for the camera to capture.

Around this area of the country you will find countless types of flora, fauna, and wildlife, so this is somewhere you need to really explore slowly and carefully, to get the most out of it. There are many walking trails here, which aren’t that rigorous, and if you want to up the adrenaline a little, you can enjoy zip lining or jungle trekking.

The beaches around Costa Rica are simply stunning, bordered by both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; you can enjoy countless surfing opportunities here, so if you haven’t given it a try before, now is the time to start! Of course, relaxing on a white sand beach is a great way to chill the hell out too.

The far south of the country is quite remote, and not visited by most travellers to the country, however that means there is a lot of land here to be explored, and some amazing beaches too. The Osa Peninsula is made up almost entirely of dense rainforest, and the wildlife that call this part of the country home are colourful, loud, and very diverse! The howler monkeys will welcome you with their loud call, and the countless colourful varieties of birds will flutter overhead, in a blur of red, blue, orange, yellow, etc. This is one of the most fascinating and breath-taking natural sights you are likely to see outside of the Amazon, and hiring a guide to show you the highlights is a must.

Of course, San Jose, the lively capital is also somewhere you must explore, and you can either start or end your adventure trip in the city. There is plentiful architecture and history to check out here, however if you want to have a beach ending to your adrenaline holiday, then Guanacaste is the place for you, with the nearby Papagayo Peninsula offering top class hotels and golf courses.

Costa Rica is certainly and adventurer’s paradise, and with countless activities and sights on offer, both natural and city-based, it won’t be long before this relatively little-known destination becomes big news.

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