Long-Haul Flying – It’s All in the Preparation

Long haul flying has its advantages and disadvantages, like most things in life I guess. The upside is the amazing destinations you’ll get to experience, which do tend to be further away. The downside? The length of the flight and the impending jet-lag, as a result. These are two things we can cope with however, so all is not lost.

photo credit: caribb via photopin cc

photo credit: caribb via photopin cc

The key with long-haul flying is in the preparation. Get your sleep up to date, stock pile it a little, get yourself organised, think of ways to amuse yourself, to pass the time, such as stocking up the iPad with books etc, and keep moving as much as possible.

Such an adventure needs serious thought on the insurance front, and don’t ever be tempted to save money and travel without it. You will lose out big-style in the event of needing medication attention, or even losing your baggage etc. I always book my holiday insurance with Holiday Extras, and I always find a great deal and peace of mind to go with it. I’d certainly recommend you check this out.

With your important travel plans in place, your preparation can truly begin. I always make sure I’m 100% up to date with any developments with my flight or airport before I even leave the house. I regularly fly from the capital, and because of that I check real-time information with this holiday planner in the days leading up to my flight, and on the morning before I leave the house. This means I’m in for no surprises, and I also know which terminal I need to be at, and where I can head for a drink and a meal. This is a good idea for you to do whether you’re flying long haul or short haul.

Make sure you eat a decent meal at the airport, because no matter how far airline food has come on in recent years, it will never be the same as home-cooked food, or that from a quality restaurant. This will also help regulate your body clock. Drink as much water and juice as you can on the flight, stay away from caffeine and alcohol, and keep moving around the cabin.

Health-wise, check with your doctor if you have any concerns, but if you are at any risk of DVTs, wear compression stockings for your flight. You can hide them under your skirt or trousers if need be!

A good tip I picked up, is never to watch the flight map. The first time I flew to the USA, I watched the map, and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. The flight seemed to go on for an eternity, and now I try mind diversion tactics instead, and try not to think about time or waiting!

Boredom will be your main problem, but if you can keep your mind as busy and occupied as possible, your flight should pass much quicker.

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