Life on a Budget? You Can Still Holiday Like a Celeb!


You might be wondering if you were possibly born in the wrong life – were you supposed to be living it up with the rich and famous, enjoying the luxurious fruits of life, but you find yourself saving every penny and trying to make it last as long as possible?

If this sounds like your life quandary then you’re in good company because this is a situation many of us have pondered about over the years. The good news is however that these ponders have led to some creative and unusual solutions to the initial problem, solution which means even mere mortals like us can head off and enjoy a holiday in total luxury.

Hire a celebrity home

No, we’re not talking about having breakfast with Robbie Williams or schmoozing around the pool with Leonardo DiCaprio, we are talking about hiring a former holiday home of a celeb, for a surprisingly low cost. All over the world you can find such abodes, and Schofields have put together a list of the top places to rent, for a cost which might actually make you sit up and take notice. Of course, these houses are all in exclusive locations, so you need to actually get there in the first place, but we all know there are ways around finding cheap flights!

Stay somewhere a little unusual

Do you dream of waking up under the stars but don’t like camping? Do you like the idea of heading off on safari but you’re scared of being eaten alive by a wild animal? Never fear! There are many ways you can stay somewhere a little more unusual, and slightly luxurious, without having to take out a bank loan. Click here to check out a few suggestions, such as beach houses, glamping, and safari huts.

Upgrade your experiences

If you shop around well enough you can often find discounts on top attractions, and you can then often use the saving to upgrade to a VIP package. For instance, if you’re heading off to see a West End show in London, upgrade to the premium package, or if you’re going to the London Eye, check out the VIP packages. You can also enjoy personal shopping experiences in major department stores the world over – you don’t actually have to buy anything!

Blag it

Now, this might not work, but it’s certainly worth a try. When checking to your flight, see if you can get extra leg room for free, or even an upgrade. This is more likely to work if you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as a honeymoon or anniversary etc. We are certainly not advocating telling lies, but is anyone really going to know that you’re not celebrating a huge promotion? Probably not. Having said that, if you really are celebrating something special, don’t be afraid to mention it, especially when checking into your hotel, as you might find you have a few extra perks coming your way for free!

There are several ways you can holiday like a celeb, and it’s really about thinking outside the box, rather than splashing considerable extra cash.

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