Kuta – Bali’s Premier Beach Resort


There aren’t many destinations you can say cater for budget and luxury travel side by side. Many resorts are one or the other, but when you venture to Kuta, Bali’s most popular beach resort, you will find, to coin a very overused phrase, something for everyone.

Kuta Beach is without a doubt one of the most popular beaches on the island, with five miles of clean, pristine sand to rest for the day, with plentiful water-sports and activities to keep even the most fidgety of visitors happy. A haven for sun-worshipers and surfers, you will find a laid-back kind of vibe around the resort, with vibrant night-life, and fantastic shopping opportunities.

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The great thing about Kuta is its story – rising up from quaint beginnings as a small Balinese fishing village, the resort is now teeming with visitors from all over the world. Located in the popular south of the island, Kuta has that laid-back atmosphere which is favoured by the backpacker and surfer set, and if this is the group you fall into, then heading to Poppies Lane Alley is where you will find the best choice of budget accommodation, and cheaper restaurants than those you will find on the main tourist strip. Saving money here is a must!

The night-life in Kuta is legendary on the island, and extremely varied to boot. You can find loud discos and bars, with quieter cocktail bars and restaurants if you prefer a quieter night. Cafes and bars on the beachfront are popular as the sun goes down, as the sunsets here are the stuff of legend, and certainly something to remember your camera for. You won’t find the need for a dress code, as the laid-back vibe seeps into the evenings too.

If you want to get around the region a little, renting a motorbike could be a good idea, allowing you to head into the countryside around Kuta, and perhaps visit one of the neighbouring resorts. If you prefer to stay a little closer to base, then Kuta is small enough and compact enough to get around on foot, or you could hire a bicycle and burn a few calories that way.

Despite the rather westernised feel of Kuta, due to the influx of tourism, there is still much of the authentic Bali in there, with market stalls selling authentic and home-made goods. You will also find plenty of opportunities to sample traditional foods, and the larger hotels often have Balinese dance shows on offer, allowing you to enjoy something a little more home-grown.

If you’re heading to Bali this year, then Kuta is the perfect blend of authentic versus homely.

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