Improve Your Vision, And Your Karma!

Focusing on our appearance is something that we are all guilty of from time to time. We live in an age where all eyes are on us, whether we’re talking about social media or our literal selves, and this means that we need to make sure we look good pretty much all of the time.

When you are faced with a problem, such as a vision issue, then you might be left wondering how you can keep up with your fashion endeavour in the face of it all, but glasses are a huge fashion accessory to get involved with! From huge sunglasses to aviators, statement pieces, to smaller products, glasses are where it’s at, but the huge range on offer is confusing, to say the least!

To take the heat off your appearance, and up your karma points, there is a great campaign just been launched, called Oh My Woodness! Yes, this is as interesting as it sounds!

Basically, every time you buy a pair of designer glasses in the Oh My Woodness range, Vision Direct will plant a tree in one of the most at risk areas of the world, in terms of deforestation. You could up your fashion stakes, and save the planet all the same time!

If you want to learn more and join the campaign, you simply need to head online and browse the range for yourself. These are some seriously funky glasses, and not only will heads be turning your way in admiration, but you will also have that warm and fuzzy feelings of having helped out a cause that is so badly requiring a helping hand.

Madagascar, for example, is one of the most unique and natural destinations on the planet, but it is at huge risk from deforestation. A huge proportion of the original natural landscape is no longer there, leaving the indigenous wildlife, flora, and fauna at serious risk of extinction. Not only this, but the people living in such a location are also finding their everyday life disrupted severely by such environmental issues. Nepal and Haiti are two other locations which are benefiting from this fantastic campaign, aiming to right the many wrongs that have happened over the last few decades.

As human beings, in the past, we haven’t paid as much attention to the world we live in as we should, and nowadays we are all so much more aware of what is around us, and the potential damage that has occurred. Whilst it might be too late to put it all right, we should certainly be looking to do whatever we can to help out in our own way.

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