How to Travel the World with Only a Carry-on Bag

Photo Credit: dsearls via photopin cc

Photo Credit: dsearls via photopin cc

Have you noticed the price of check-in baggage these days? That cheap flight you saw originally can cost you considerably more by the time you’ve added in the cost of your suitcase. If you’re travelling your way around the world, you need to save as much money as possible, and adding on checked-in baggage will rack up a bill that may mean you could travel considerably further, if you’d just been a bit more travel savvy.

So, how do you travel the world with just one carry-on bag?

It’s not easy, but it’s do-able.

The advantages aren’t just cost either, because you’ll save in time and hassle. Just think, no having to wait at the carousel as everyone jostles for a spot at the front, swinging their cases around and nearly knocking you out as you wait patiently for yours. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a nightmare that my case won’t make it to the same destination as me, and this completely eradicates that fear!

Here are a few tips for achieving what you might think is the impossible.

Be ruthless

You don’t need half of what you take away with you clothes-wise, so think ruthless, and only take mix and match, basic items. Wear your heaviest walking boots and jacket to travel in – you can always hold if it you’re sweltering. Only take what you really, really need.

Think savvy with electricals, and cut out the paper

The Kindle is probably the traveller’s biggest friend, and cuts out the need for guide books and phrase books, which are very heavy. Instead, load them all onto your Kindle, and consider getting a Kindle Fire, which acts as a tablet at the same time. If you need to take a laptop, then think about a netbook, which is smaller, with a longer lasting battery life.

Interchange your chargers

The more electricals you take, the more chargers you need, and also adapters for varying countries. Consider sharing them with your travel buddies. I charge my Kindle and my iPhone with the same plug, so see what you can use that way.

Roll with it

Rolling your clothes does prevent creasing and does mean more space. Compression bags are a good idea too. Basically don’t take anything too bulky unless strictly necessary.

Be toiletry smart

Toiletries are heavy, and if you’re travelling with just a carry-on bag, you’re going to have to abide by the 100ml liquid rule. Buy some airline approved refillable bottles, and buy anything you desperately need at the airport pharmacy, if there is one. Also consider once a day application sun-cream, high factor of course, as this lasts longer than standard types, so you don’t need to take as much.

Cut out the shopping

If you’re travelling with a restricted in size and weight bag, then you can’t shop. It’s that simple. So when it comes to those markets etc, you have to stop and think, restrict yourself and walk away. This will save you money overall too, so I guess its win-win.

It can be done!

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