How to make the most of a trip to Las Vegas


For many people, visiting Las Vegas is a once in a lifetime activity, something which should be enjoyed to the max because it simply isn’t going to happen again. For that reason, it’s important to know how to drag every single second out of your time in the city that literally never seems to sleep.

The one thing to remember about Las Vegas is that it is in a desert, so that means it is open to the biggest mirage you will come across – the fact that when you stand at one end of the Strip, and you gaze down to somewhere in the distance, you might think it is walkable, not far at all – wrong! Comfortable shoes are a definite must do in this city!

If this is your first time playing casino games and you’re not sure of the rules, you can do a little free practice in an online casino ahead of your visit, so you know exactly what you’re doing and you up your chances of winning big when you actually in Vegas – just think, a little extra cash won means you can enjoy your time much more.

Make the most of the hop on/off tourist bus

Having mentioned the long distances between one end of the Strip and the other, especially on hot days, making the most of this form of tourist transportation is a great idea. You can purchase bulk day tickets and this gives you freedom to literally hop on and off, as the name would suggest, with audio commentary available if you really want it. This is also a great way to get to that famous ‘Welcome to …’ sign, as this is down a busy main road and not really walkable.

Head out of the city at least once

Las Vegas may be a man-made city but it is surrounded by one of the biggest natural wonders in the world – The Grand Canyon. There are countless trips taking you to this stunning location, so make sure you head there and take plentiful photos. You can take a helicopter ride over the canyon if you’re feeling brave, or alternatively you can head to the viewing point and gaze out in wonder. Many trips combine this site with a trip to Hoover Dam too, which is equally as awe-inspiring.

Have a little flutter

You can’t head to Las Vegas and not enjoy a little gamble, even if it is a small one! The large hotels along the Strip all come equipped with huge casinos, all of which are air-conditioned, and many have complimentary drinks available provided you are playing games.

Enjoy a Vegas show

Make sure you use the official Box Office to obtain tickets, because there are countless unscrupulous ticket touts on the streets, but a true Las Vegas show is really something to behold, and an experience that every visitor should have at least once.

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