How to Find Cheap Flights Around Europe

Photo Credit: ATIS547 via photopin cc

Photo Credit: ATIS547 via photopin cc

Getting around Europe is pretty easy, after all the train network is comprehensive, quite cheap and reliable, and will take you through multiple countries and different landscapes. Despite that, do you really want to spend hours on a cramped train?

I personally prefer to fly, as it means more time for me in my destination, and less time twiddling my fingers, waiting to arrive. I guess it’s lucky in that case that there are many ways to find cheap flights between European countries.

Our saviour here is the growing popularity of many low cost airlines that operate around European countries. Ryanair, EasyJet, Monarch, Onur Air, Pegasus, Jet 2 – these are all popular airline companies that offer cheap fares. The only thing you do have to watch out for is the added extras that often get put on at the end of booking. For example, I got a bit excited booking a flight from London to Barcelona, thinking I’d got the biggest bargain of the century with Jet 2, but by the time I’d finished booking the cost was about £50 more, because of baggage and a fee for checking in. Despite that, it was still quite cheap, so I can’t complain.

So how do you go about finding cheap flights between European countries?


You don’t find anything if you don’t look. Patience is a virtue they say, and it’s true on flight searches, because you have to have the patience to sit and search. In my case, it’s an internet search with several different screen windows open, getting myself confused over which company I’m actually looking at.


If you’re flexible, you’ll find cheaper fares, it’s that simple. Open up when you fly day-wise, what time, and where from, and you’ll probably grab yourself a bargain. Out of season will always be cheaper too.


For me, it has to be Skyscanner. You can’t possibly remember to look at the countless number of different airlines and their official websites to find deals, so Skyscanner basically does it for you, and I find it a great way to grab a lower fare, as it also checks agencies too. The only tip I’d give is to not check it too often, as interest often drives the price up in my experience, so don’t camp on the site for hours on end.

Keep an eye out

Watching a flight, if you have the time, is a good way to get the lowest fare, as you can monitor it and jump when it’s as low as you think it’s going to go. I wouldn’t recommend looking at it again after you book it; if the price has gone down it will make you feel a little sick!

Check on the day

If you’re flying by the seat of your pants, although hopefully not literally, then checking on the day could grab you a bargain as airlines are looking to fill up last seats. It’s worth a try.

Time it right

Weekends will always be more, and bank holidays too, so do your research into public holidays and avoid like the plague. If you can fly mid-week, this will more often than not be cheaper, and the same usually goes for night flights.

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