Hopping in Paradise

Photo Credit: Erick ) via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Erick ) via photopin cc

You’ve no doubt heard of Greek island hopping, the activity of gap year students and those with a penchant for adventure, but that true sense of freedom holiday has headed back west, and landed on the paradise islands of the Caribbean.

Picture perfect beaches, white sand, blue sea, swaying palms, the sound of music on every corner, a laid-back vibe …. ah, bliss!

The opportunity to visit several stunning Caribbean islands is one to grab with both hands, and these days it’s easy to either head out on your own steam and hop amongst island groups, or head to a company who will tailor-make your several centre holiday for you.

You might be under the rather false assumption that every island is the same, because one beach is similar to another, right? Well no, you’d be wrong. Each Caribbean island has a unique flavour and vibe, and hopping on your own steam is a freer version of a cruise in a lot of ways, because you get to spend longer in one destination if the mood takes you.

You don’t even have to be overly adventurous and head off all around the region, you can choose a couple of islands and taste each one if the mood takes you. That’s the beauty of island hopping, it’s entirely up to you.

Some islands are easier to visit from others, so it’s worthwhile doing a little research before you go, to make sure that your particular choices are in easy reach of one another. You can take advantage of low cost ferries, or flights between islands. Obviously flying is a higher cost alternative, but this will give you more scope to visit more islands.

A popular spot, especially for honeymooners or romance, is Antigua. A holiday in Antigua is probably as close to paradise as you’re going to get. Jamaica is another popular choice for weddings, as well as family holidays, or maybe Cuba, to visit hip and happening Havana or Varadero. Barbados, The Dominican Republic, The Bahamas … the list goes on.

The Caribbean isn’t just a destination for honeymooners, far from it, as most islands are increasingly family-friendly, which makes island hopping an alternative kind of family break.

Whilst a cruise offers the chance to visit a lot within a short space of time, it does have its restrictions, and your itinerary is fixed, however hopping on your own steam means the Caribbean Sea truly is your oyster.

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