Fulfilling Your Travel Dreams

What’s on your bucket list? What are your travel dreams?

I have a bucket list a mile long. The more I do, the more that seems to be added to it. I’ve done tonnes of adventurous things throughout my travels like hiking volcanoes, mountain biking on the worlds most dangerous trails and sailing from Panama to Colombia. There is still so much I’d like to do.

This is why I jumped at the chance to enter the Fulfil Your Dreams promotion on 888Poker. Not only do I get to have some fun and indulge my risky side by playing some online poker, I get the chance to fulfil some of wildest travel dreams. Most of the crazy things I do involve the outdoors so luckily for me the prizes align with my passion for adventure.


My Travel Dream: Big Wave Surfing!

One of the things I’d love to check off my bucket list is getting into is big wave surfing. I’ve dabbled in surfing here and there – surfing the coral breaks of Bali and the picture perfect waves at Bondi Beach in Sydney. But I’ve yet to have a crack at any of the really wild waves around the world.

Here’s a really great infographic which shows the top 10 spots around the globe for surfing the big waves. While I’m only just getting into surfing, the best place to head for me would be to Hawaii, the home of surfing. After that I can work my way up to the big ones in Puerto Rico, Mexico and California.



What’s on your travel bucket list?

What travel dreams are you actively looking to fulfil?

Leave me a comment below and tell me what makes your travel wishlist and what you’re doing to fulfil that dream. I’d love to know!!

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