Extreme Holiday Activities


Why go on a boring holiday when you could go on an extreme activity fuelled adventure? With so many different potential destinations around the world, and then endless activity options once you’re there it can be really difficult to know where to start narrowing it all down and making a solid plan. Here’s a guide to give you a little insight into the various destinations and activities that await you…. So dive right in!

Oman – Sandboarding

Oman is a culturally rich sultanate in the heart of the Middle East, and is home to some of the very best desert dunes in the world for sandboarding. The country’s main airport is Muscat, and the best dunes are in the Wahibi Sands roughly a two-hour drive from the capital. They’re 100m high, and the perfect place for some extreme boarding action. Sandboarding is basically like snowboarding – but without the snow. You stand up on a smooth bottomed board and glide down these incredible dunes, taking in the landscape as you go. Children and less extreme adventurers can also enjoy the dunes sitting down toboggan style. Combine sand boarding with quad bike riding or a 4×4 experience through the desert dunes for the ultimate sandy adrenaline rush.

Florida – Jetpacks

Pioneered in Florida and now steadily making their way around the world, jet packs are about as close to actually flying as you can get.You don your pack and soar a little way up into the air above the sea – this activity takes place above water for safety and practical reasons, as the pack into which you are strapped is attached by a long tube to a high-powered, floating pump and the pump pushes water up out of the sea, and the pack pushes it back down again through rocket-like thrusters. Physics takes over, and the reaction to the water being forced downwards is to propel the novice flyer upwards.The instructions might sound simple: relax, use small movements to steer and look at the horizon – but attempting to follow them can lead to comical spin-outs and dunkings, so bring your camera!

Alaska – Zip Lining 

A new activity that certainly is extreme is Ziplining. Ziplining is a safer alternative to base and bungee jumping but it does not disappoint on the thrill factor. Lines that span for miles offer new perspectives and viewpoints for its riders. Why not embrace the world’s largest Zipline in Alaska? It runs for over a mile and has a 1,300ft drop, traveling at speeds up to 80mph the ride is over in 90 seconds. The ride boasts fantastic views of tree-topped mountains and the beautiful blue ocean surrounding Hoonah below 

Wales – Cave Bouncing 

Trampolining sounds like a normal fun activity for kids and adults to enjoy in the comfort of their own gardens. But where is the fun in that? How about trampolining in a cave, deep under the welsh hills? If you are a keen free runner or just like the idea of bouncing 180ft above a cave floor then this is an extreme activity for you.

South of France – Scooters

 For something a little closer to home, and perhaps a little more suited to the little ones, head to the South of France and explore on scooters!You might not think this is a particularly extreme activity compared to others on this list – but consider it from the point of view of your kids. There’s beautiful countryside so no matter where you choose to explore you’re bound to see something beautiful – be it fields of lavender, sunflowers, or even grape vines! Always kit your family out with the very best safety gear, including helmets, elbow pads and kneepads.

Photo Credit: rougetete

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