Exploring Cuba’s Beaches

Photo Credit: Anton Novoselov via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Anton Novoselov via photopin cc

A holiday in Cuba is a varied and colorful thing. You have the capital, Havana, with its famous classic cars, rum, cigars and a party on every corner; and you have Varadero, all inclusive heaven, with stunning beaches and yet more entertainment. In the middle of all that, you have amazing landscapes, fascinating history, friendly locals, architecture, and a real laid-back Caribbean vibe.

It’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to head to Cuba for weddings, honeymoons, and a good old sunshine holiday.

Of course, the beaches are the main pull, and Cuba’s are legendary. Think of the postcard image you have in your mind of a Caribbean beach and it’s probably very close to what you’ll find in Cuba. White sand, swaying palms, hammocks, blinding blue sea … am I close? This is what you’ll find on a Cuban beach, and with plentiful water-sports on offer, you’ll be able to cool off in the intense summer sun.


You will no doubt have heard of Varadero, as this is Cuba’s premier and most popular beach resort. This is where you will find countless all inclusive hotels, some so huge they’re practically a whole resort in themselves, and accommodation to suit every budget. Downtown Varadero is where the action is of an evening, but of course, the beach is where it’s at during the day. A long, sweeping stretch of coastline offers more water-sports, facilities, and fantastic opportunities for snorkeling.


A little less busy, and a little more upmarket, Guardalavaca offers more all inclusive hotels, but they are slightly higher budget, making this a more sophisticated choice. Calm waters are great for diving and snorkelling, with the obligatory white sand and swaying palms.

Cayo Largo

Separated from the mainland, Cayo Largo is a fantastic choice of beach resort for anyone who loves to go scuba diving. The marine-life around this part of the country is diverse, colourful, and rich, and you don’t even have to go too far into the water to see it. Just south of Havana, many people visit Cayo Largo as a two centre break from the capital. Because Cayo Largo is on the Caribbean coastline, you can expect the azure blue waters of that postcard image.

These are just three of the main beach resorts in Cuba. Regardless of where you visit along the coastline, you will be treated to stunning natural sights, and of course a beach to lay your head for a few hours, with scenery and an atmosphere that will blow your mind.

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