Every Little Helps! Five of the Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe

Photo Credit: Werner Kunz via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Werner Kunz via photopin cc

There are many countries in the world I want to visit. I’ve written a list, and I’m working my way through it, however money doesn’t grow on trees, so I’m forced to go to places that are cheaper whilst I’m not earning a huge amount of money. I guess I’m hoping this changes in the future, and when I land that mega-bucks job I can head off on the more expensive trips I dream of.

In the meantime, reality steps in, and I head to cheaper places.

Here are five of my best tips for the budget traveller.


If you watch the news, or have anything to do with currency exchange rates, you’ll see that the Turkish lira has taken a bit of a nose dive, which might not be great for their economy, but is actually quite beneficial to visitors, because you get more for your money. The general low cost of living also helps make visits less hard on the wallet, and there are plentiful cheap flights, especially during summer season.

My tip? Istanbul. Packed with culture and a true Turkish way of life, this is literally where east meets west, as the only city in the world to straddle Europe and Asia. If you do only one thing, make sure you go to the Hagia Sofia, it truly blew my mind.

The Greek Islands

Again, slightly economically unstable, yet this means more tourism opportunities for us visitors. You have to take advantage of such things! Trying to boost tourism means deals, and you may find accommodation cheaper if you look towards the beginning and end of season. It’s about being clever really.

Island-hopping is a very popular way to see more, and I found there to be plentiful ferries between the islands, and all you need is a good app, or an Internet search to figure out times and fares. This is a good way to tailor-make a trip to exactly what you want to see. Santorini is probably one of the most popular islands to visit, and I could see why the moment I stepped foot on dry land.


Okay, so I’m stretching it a little to say Iceland is one of the cheapest countries to visit, but it is becoming increasingly cheaper, so I’m going to say that’s slightly the same thing. This is basically down to more economic problems, but trying to bring money into the country via tourism means opportunities for us.

Probably one of the most untamed and wild islands in terms of landscape, you can’t really pass up a chance to see the awe of nature. Iceland is one for the camera, so don’t do what I did and lose your charger, meaning my photos were a little on the beginner’s side of the quality scale!


Easy to get to, easy to travel around, and plenty to see. That’s what you want from a destination, right? Well it’s cheaper too, and if you head to Berlin, where you’ll sample some of the most moving and jaw-dropping historic sites, then you’ll experience a true budget-busting holiday. Mid-range accommodation you’ll find a lot cheaper than in many other surrounding countries. It’s also well placed to travel a bit further if you want to.


Finally, we have a country huge in culture and art. Slovenia recently adopted the Euro, but this hasn’t really affected cost too much, and you’ll still be able to eat out and drink for less than many other European countries nearby. Again, it’s well placed to travel further, and if you want to interrail, you can do that quite cheaply.

Ljubljana is the capital, and that is where you’ll find most in the way of night-life etc, but it’s also a very cultural city, with architecture and history to explore, and some great photo opportunities to be had.

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