Crossing the Impossible? How to Travel from Panama to Colombia in One Piece

Photo Credit: Yogesh Mhatre via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Yogesh Mhatre via photopin cc

Travelling the world these days is generally easy, right? You get on a bus, you get on a train, you get on a flight. Simple!

Well, for the most part that is true, yet despite this day and age being rather advanced, there are still some parts of the planet that are best advised to avoid like the plague, and then some.

There is a particular part of the world you might have heard of, called the Darien Gap. If you haven’t heard of this notorious part of the planet, then I’d advise you hit Google and check it out, because if you’re into reading about places that actually want to kill you, then this is one of them.

If the nature hiding in the jungle and mountains doesn’t get you, then the guerrillas, drug traffickers and kidnappers will.

I’m not painting a very pleasant picture, am I?

Well that’s the intention, because under no circumstances would I ever recommend you try and cross the Darien Gap yourself. In fact, don’t even try and cross it at all, instead fly over it, or sail around it.

You have to two options, which I’ve just alluded to.


There are charter flights between Panama and Colombia which don’t cost the earth, and this is undoubtedly the safest and quickest way to get between the two. Do an Internet search and grab the cheapest flight to make it more affordable, and you will arrive in one piece, without having been hacked to death by deadly beasts of nature, or scary criminals lurking in the undergrowth.


I personally wouldn’t make the sea voyage my first option, I would always fly, however many people do go down this route, and it is becoming extremely popular to do so. There are a few safety concerns you need to take into account, and don’t just jump at the first crossing you see, make sure you look into it a little more; not just about price but also about the qualifications and experience of the captain, the boat itself, and how long they’re advertising the journey to take you.

The most common journey should be around 4-5 days, and usually includes a stop or two at different islands along the way, so it is a good option for those wanting to see more en-route.

Make sure you go with a reputable company, do your research, and arm yourself with seasickness medication, because you’re looking at a high seas’ journey.

Is it all worth it?

Well yes, but is anything worth risking your life for? Er, no. Go the safe way and you’ll have a wonderful experience.

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