Camping for Beginners

Photo Credit: Tjflex2 via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Tjflex2 via photopin cc

Whilst travelling around, be it a full blown adventure with plenty of movement, or a holiday based in one place, a great suggestion for getting out into nature, living on the edge, so to speak, and relaxing with total minimalism, is to include camping somewhere along the way.

For the beginner, where to even start with camping, either for just a couple of nights or even a full holiday, can be a little overwhelming, and it might seem easier to just book a hotel and have done with it!

It’s worthwhile doing a little research into camping and giving it some serious thought however, because there’s a reason this kind of break, or method of simply laying your head, is so popular.


Well, it’s cheap, and it offers complete and utter freedom. If you’re moving around different places, camping means you don’t have to worry about whether you can find a hotel to fit your budget when you arrive, because most places have a camping area where you can set up home.

Despite all this, there are a few things you need to remember, and it’s rarely a case of simply dropping your things and pitching your tent wherever the mood takes you!

Find a campsite – Most places have designated camp sites, whether that is for motor homes, caravans, or tents. You will find in many places around the world that you do need to be in a designated area to stay for even the night. This isn’t the same all over the world, so it’s worthwhile checking it all out beforehand, but remember that if you do decide to pitch your home for the night somewhere random, you need to make sure that a) you’re allowed to legally, and b) the local wildlife aren’t going to think their breakfast has come to them! Always do your research first. Campsites are cheap, so there are no worries money-wise, and most have shower and bathroom facilities that are perfectly clean and usable.

Decide on your mode – Are you going motorized and taking a motor home or caravan? Or are you going to be traditional and pitch a tent? These days we’re rarely talking about the old fashioned tents with a stick in the middle to keep them upright – you know the sort I’m talking about, they end up on your head in the morning, acting as a make-shift blanket! There are some seriously swanky tents on the market these days, even with separate rooms, and costs have come down over recent years. I guess tents are the epitome of camping, it’s the first thing that springs to mind, so if you’re going to do it, I’d say go for the traditional route and do it properly!

Travel light, but remember your basics – If you’re going to head off camping, or if you’re deciding to do it at times during your travels, you need to travel lightly. There’s a reason there is a massive market for camping gear, and that mostly comprises of modern day things, such as kettles etc., shrunk in size! If you want to save money, simply be careful what you take and think about whether you truly need it. If your campsites have good facilities, then maybe they have a café on site too – just check it all out first.

Happy camping!

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