California’s Best Road Trips

Photo credit: Helidixon via photopin cc

Photo credit: Helidixon via photopin cc

California is iconic for many reasons, be it golden beaches, the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, the Hollywood Hills, or general fame and fortune, but another reason for its popularity is the natural scenery around the area, which of course makes it a fantastic choice for a road trip.

If you’re visiting California, you can’t not visit LA. Come on, even if you’re not an aspiring actor or actress, who doesn’t want to tread the same pavements and paths as the seriously rich and famous? Partying here is epic, and celeb spotting is like second nature. Nothing comes for free in LA however, so it’s worthwhile grabbing a cheap deal on your Los Angeles flights. It can be done, and if you can find yourself a cheap airfare, you’ll be in a better position to enjoy everything the city and beyond has to offer.

In terms of your road trip holiday, you have an endless choice of route. It’s impossible to describe them all, so we’ll just look at a few, but it can’t have escaped your notice that the iconic Route 66 once ran through California, clearly cementing the state’s popularity.

Pacific Coast Highway

800 miles of stunning road takes you through some amazing scenery, even the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Not at all high speed, which gives you the time to enjoy the passing scenery and stop a few times along the way, the Pacific Ocean will be your companion. You will pass through several major tourist areas, including Big Sur, which is certainly worth a stop off. It will take you days to do it all, so pick an area and concentrate on that. This is a road trip for those who want a laid-back, chilled out time.

Yosemite National Park

The four hours’ drive from San Francisco will take you into some of the country’s most stunning natural sights, before finally arriving into Yosemite. Now, you won’t see Yogi Bear per se, but you will see wildlife and nature at its best. Granite cliffs soar high into the sky, and waterfalls thunder down to the ground. It really does showcase the awe of nature. It’s easy to walk from the car park to the centre of the park, in around 2 minutes. Don’t miss Bridalveil Fall, it truly is something to behold.

Redwood Highway

This particular road trip takes you from San Francisco, through the famous Avenue of the Giants in southern Humboldt Country, and into the Redwood National Park near the Oregon border. It’s easy to stop along the way and do a spot of hiking, to breathe in that fresh, open air. This is the perfect city escape. Muir Woods is a good spot for walking, and you’ll see coastal redwood trees along the way, which are the tallest trees in the world – a good way to make yourself feel tiny.

Route 66

Now, before you get excited, most of the historic and iconic Route 66 doesn’t exist anymore, or is impassable, however it is possible to drive through some of it, although it won’t be sign posted as the old road. You may find Historic Route 66 signs occasionally, which is certainly worth a photo or two. This was known as the Mother Road, and has appeared in several films, and passes through the state amongst others. This is like the holy grail of road trips!

Whichever route you choose, remember to research your route thoroughly and remember to get adequate insurance to cover you for your trip.

Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy the open California road.

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