Best Honeymoon Spots for Divers

Photo Credit: GerryT via photopin cc

Photo Credit: GerryT via photopin cc

Your honeymoon is probably the most important and special holiday you’ll ever go on. Following the biggest day of your life, namely your wedding day, it’s important to have a bit of downtime together, to forget the stress of the previous few weeks and solidify your future together in the best possible way. You’ll find countless destinations the world over for a honeymoon, and it obviously depends on your preferences, but if you have a penchant as a couple for diving, then you’ll find some fantastically beautiful destinations awaiting your arrival.


To experience a honeymoon to Mauritius is something truly special, not least because it is basically paradise with a capital P. The best diving is off the west coast of the island, straight into the glittering Indian Ocean. The waters in Mauritius are generally calm, because it is fringed by a coral reef, making it good for beginners. Silverstar Wreck is a good choice to explore, as well as The Cathedral site too. Enjoy a few cocktails overlooking the sunset of an evening, to complete your diving honeymoon. Bliss!


Chilled out and fantastic for surfers, this is probably the vision you have in your mind of Hawaii. Well, you’d be right, but it’s not all about that. There are some very luxurious resorts in Hawaii, as a perfect backdrop to your new start in married life. Kona Mantas is a good spot if you want to get in a bit of diving, and Keahole Point is a good choice too. Night dives are fantastic, however be aware that they are also popular so you need to plan in advance.

Florida Keys

We’re talking about some seriously luxurious and paradise destinations here, but the Florida Keys certainly tick those boxes. Just 6 miles off Key West you will find Vandenberg, the wreck of a large former missile tracking ship, where barracuda lurk! It’s easy to combine your diving break here with beach-life relaxation, meaning you’ll return home totally Zen.


Cancun is obviously the fashionable place to visit for holidays these days, and honeymooners are certainly well catered for, with luxury as standard if you request it, or book into one of the huge hotel resorts. You’ll find party-life, relaxation, ruins, and plenty of diving around here, with Isla Mujeres a good choice, and a good chance of spotting sharks! There are day trips here from Cancun, or you can choose to visit Gran Cenote with its cave and cavern system to explore.

Cayman Islands

Castaway in the Caribbean is a definite honeymoon situation! The smallest of the Cayman Islands offers rest and relaxation, but also has Bloody Wall Bay, which is a diving wall site with fantastic marine-life to spot, such as reef sharks. Relax on the beach when you’re not diving, or enjoy the laid-back nightlife to finish off your evening.


In the totally opposite geographical direction we have Fiji, where you will find the diver’s paradise of Somosomo Strait. Even below the water you will find romance, in the form of beautiful pastel-coloured coral, including Rainbow Reef where you will find the Great White Wall, decorated with pink/white soft corals. This is a true exploration of what lies beneath the ocean, and a great diving adventure you can take together on your honeymoon.

These are just a few ideas you might like to explore when you decide to firm down plans for your diving honeymoon – where will you choose?

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