Antalya: More Than Turkish Delight

Photo Credit: DavidLevinson via photopin cc

Photo Credit: DavidLevinson via photopin cc

Turkey is about more than Istanbul and beach resorts, and there are some fantastic cities and sights to visit beyond those you might know about.

If we’re talking about beach resorts, you’ve probably heard of Alanya, but did you know that to get there you need to fly into a nearby airport, in the city of Antalya. Antalya flights are cheap, under £74, and available with flythomascook.

Antalya itself is a definite must visit for anyone wishing to see more of this fascinating and cultural country, whilst also being in close reach of the tanning hotspots of the south Mediterranean coast.

One of the major perks of visiting this part of Turkey is the weather. If you like hot weather, extending well into what you might consider the colder times of the year, then the Antalya region is for you.

Lara, Kemer, Belek, Alanya and Side are all within easy reach, but a few days spent in the city will show you more of the ‘real’ Turkey than two weeks in any of the beach resorts ever could. Even walking around the old city, also known as Kaleici, will take you back in time, and you will see locals going about their daily business. What you will also see is that Turkish people in general are very friendly and welcoming, and any tourist or traveller wishing to find out more about culture, asking questions, or wanting to learn a few words of the language, will be welcomed with open arms, so it’s worthwhile at least learning a few pleasantries in Turkish, just to ease the waters, so to speak.

There are many cheap flights to Antalya Airport year around, and many people use Antalya Airport as a hub to get to other parts of the country during winter.

So, where can you visit when you land in Antalya?

Well, a visit to a traditional Turkish market is a must do, with a spot of haggling along the way, yet the Clock Tower, the Old Harbour, Hadrianus Gate, and the beautiful natural Caves of Antalya should all be on your to do list. Add to that a delicious meal in a traditional Turkish restaurant and a moonlight stroll along the harbour-side and you will no doubt fall in love with this charming city.

Getting around is easy, thanks to a reliable and simple public transport system, and nightlife is plentiful, in fact many locals flock to Antalya to party their cares away of a weekend.

 Put simply, exploring the Turkish cities should always be recommended, but Antalya? Something a little special.

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