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Photo Credit: Fotografik33 via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Fotografik33 via photopin cc

I was looking at a cheap flight the other day, and I got quite excited when I saw it. When I say ‘cheap’, I mean cheaper than it would cost to get on the bus to London! However, when I went through the booking stage, and added on luggage and other extras, the cost was considerably more.

Have you found this?

It’s frustrating, and sometimes you can end up paying around £40 more just for the pleasure of taking a suitcase.

I decided to rebel against this, and went with hand luggage only.

It can be done, but you do have to be ruthless. However, it also spurred another cost cutting challenge, and I set about further slashing price tags. I found a good way to save money is to drive yourself to the airport and park up. I did book that flight, but I went without a suitcase, and I booked my parking spot with ParkBCP. This is a good idea regardless of whether you’re trying to attempt the “impossible” with packing or not, and regardless of where you’re flying from. I have booked Glasgow airport parking before and I’d highly recommend it. These deals don’t just apply to the larger airports, they are nationwide.

If this hand luggage malarkey sounds like something you’d like to try, then you need to be looking at airlines that offer more in the way of hand luggage weight, such as certain Monarch flights, Jet 2, Easy Jet etc. If you’re going away for literally a couple of days, then you could possibly go with any airline, such as those offering 5kg hand luggage, but anything more than that might be a struggle. I was given a generous 10kg with my Monarch flight, and I found throwing what I needed into a cabin wheelie case was a good choice.

Yes, you have to be a little picky with what you’re taking, but mix and match outfits are always a winner, and I just wore my heaviest shoes. You do have to bear in mind that liquids cannot be more than 100ml to have in your hand luggage, but I got around that by buying my toiletries at the airport, once I was past security. This also applies to make up and lip balms etc, so just give it a little thought as you’re packing.

It can be done, and if you’re only going away for a short while, such as five days or so, then this could be a real money saver, if you manage to master the art of ruthless packing!

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