Who am I?

I’m Pete, a 20-something guy who has spent the last three years living and working on the road. Originally from Australia, I spent a few years climbing the corporate ladder in London before opting out of the rat race to live a more meaningful life. Instead of being stuck on The Tube or in a cubicle you’ll now find me mountain biking in Bolivia, sand boarding in Peru or drinking coconuts on the beach in Thailand. I’ve travelled extensively around Europe, parts of South East Asia and most recently spent the last 12 months in Central and South America. You can read all about my travels in these posts.


What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who has the ability to work remotely via the internet while roaming the globe. It’s a great state to be in. I can live a flexible life, follow my interests and pursue my passions, all the while working and creating enough income to support myself. It’s all about designing the life YOU want to live and creating incoming streams to support you.

Read more about digital nomadism in my series of posts on the digital nomad lifestyle.

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