A Land of Wonder! The Archaeological Wonders of China

Photo Credit: Jack Zalium via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Jack Zalium via photopin cc

When you think of China, what picture conjures up in your mind? Is it wonderful food? Amazing temples? The Great Wall?

These are all true, however China is also jam-packed with fantastic archaeological sites begging to be explored, and it’s a great idea to look at one of the many tours of China and the Far East, to really get the best of this large and sprawling country. Many areas are on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and there are far too many to list here, however some of the main ones are easily accessible by the public.

Here’s a few highlights you should check out.

The Great Wall of China

You can’t visit China and not see at least a portion of this world famous landmark. Stretching from Shanhaiguan Pass on the east coast of the country, right to the Gobi Desert in the west, you can easily walk along a portion of it, even if you don’t fancy trekking the whole length.

Terracotta Army, Xian

This is another world famous site and one that you will no doubt have heard of. Here you will find a collection of terracotta warriors and horses in sculpture form, which depict the armies of Qin Shi Huang, China’s first Emperor. These were put in place as they were thought to protect the Emperor in the afterlife. This is quite a breath-taking sight to see.

Forbidden City, Beijing

In the centre of the city you will find the imposing and quite simply beautiful Forbidden City. The good news is that it’s not at all forbidden to the public, and you can access part of it. This was the Chinese Imperial Palace of the Ming Dynasty and houses the Palace Museum. The architecture is typically Chinese, typically breath-taking, and certainly one for the camera.

Temple of Heaven Beijing

Another easily viewable area in the city is The Temple of Heaven, which is a series of temples and religious buildings. Standing high into the eye-line with typical Chinese style, this is really quite something for the eye.


One of the major historical areas in the country has yielded many different archaeological finds over the years, including oracle bones and scripts which show the earliest known Chinese writing. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is possible to visit, situated in the Henan Province.

Tiananmen Square

The fourth largest city square in the world is situated in Beijing, and leads to Tiananmen Gate just to the north, which once separated this part of the city from the Forbidden City back in the day, which we talked about a little earlier. Fantastic for a spot of people watching but the area is world famous.

Leshan Giant Buddha

The largest stone Buddha in the world is carved into a cliff face with the rivers Minjant, Dadu and Qingyi running at its feet. This statue stands 71m high and was built during the Tang Dynasty. Yet again, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and really quite something to see.

China is a melting pot of culture and really dramatic scenery too, however its architecture dating back to many different dynasties and emperors is what makes it truly unique.

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