A Huge Hawaiian Welcome

Hawaii is synonymous with so many things, but there are some which spring to mind first of all – how about surfing, hula dancing, barbeques, beach parties, endless sunshine, and downright paradise? If this sounds like something you’re keen to get a piece of, how about checking out the huge range of Oahu vacation rentals on offer? Not only do you get a true vacation experience, but you get to stay somewhere truly home away from home at the same time. Luxury as standard!

Oahu is right in the centre of everything that Oahu has to offer, because not only is it the most populated of all the islands, but it is the most vibrant and lively too. The state capital, Honolulu is on Oahu, with all its culture, fun, and frivolity, and within that you have Waikiki, a district which is not only home to a famous beach, but plentiful fun too. Whilst there are cities on all the islands, Oahu is home to the only large and bustling metropolis, and when you combine city time with beach and nature, you’re getting a real all-rounder type of break.

Most people tend to base themselves in the Honolulu area, usually the touristic area of Waikiki. This means that you have all the regular amenities at your fingertips, as well as that iconic beach with its huge waves. The island is about much more than Honolulu however, and it’s definitely worth getting out and about, and exploring what this beautiful island has to offer. For those who want to see those huge waves, and big named surfers, head to the northern part of the island, because during the winter months there are some of the biggest waves on the planet hitting these shores!

It’s not all about ocean life and cities however, because there is plentiful history to explore; without a doubt the most notable is Pearl Harbour. You can visit the memorial site here and pay homage to past events, whilst also learning more about the history of the region and what actually happened all those years ago.

The great thing about visiting Oahu is that there are many direct flights heading into Honolulu International Airport on a regular basis, and many connecting flights from the USA. Getting around the island isn’t difficult, thanks to a great public transport system, but hiring a car is a great way to really explore on your own steam, and perhaps see a few things you wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Of course, we have to mention that Oahu, and Hawaii overall, is part of the USA, and this means that you need to ensure you have your entry visa at the ready when you arrive at your arrival airport. For many this will be an online visa, if your country of origin is part of the ESTA programme; head online and find out reliable information from your consulate website. If your country isn’t included in that list then you will probably have to apply for a more formal type of visa, and this can be time consuming, so make these arrangements and checks ahead of time, before you book your trip.

Once in Oahu, you need to do some research into what you want to see and do! Of course, it might simply be that you want to kick back and relax, which is more than fine! There are some beautiful paradise beaches to provide the backdrop to your break, but if you do want to explore a little, you have many options in front of you. The Polynesian Cultural Centre is a must visit for anyone who is interested in the history and way of life of the area. Not only will you get to learn about Hawaii here, but you will also find a little about the culture of the Polynesian islands overall. This is a hugely popular attraction, and for that reason, head there early to avoid disappointment and queues.

Wet ‘n Wild Hawaii is certainly one for the families and big kids out there! Spread over 25 acres you will feel like you are on your own fun in the sun island, with rides and nature at every corner. This is a fantastic day out for families, and one which is sure to tire your littles ones out, ready for a good night’s sleep!

We mentioned beach time, and Oahu overall has 128 specific beaches – that’s more than enough to explore! Lanikai Beach is a secluded spot which is perfect for anyone who wants to escape hustle and bustle for the day. From here you can see several small islands just off the coast of Oahu, and some of the clearest ocean you will ever set eyes on. Alternatively, Kualoa Regional Park is another spot to visit, especially for fans of the Jurassic Park movies. From here you will be able to set eyes on the Kualoa mountains, which is where much of the film was set in!

Put simply, Oahu is an ideal place to visit for those who want all the tourist amenities on offer, but who also want to explore culture, history, and nature, with that familiar safety net of a big named destination. There has never been a better time to venture over to Hawaii, with falling prices and more flight availability – so, what are you waiting for? That big Hawaiian welcome is coming your way!

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