3 Brilliant Secrets to Camping Like a Nomad

Ready to experience the wild beauty of your travel destination, meet amazing new friends, and create unforgettable memories? Then it’s time to go camping internationally which might just be the best way to travel. Not only is it generally less expensive than staying in hotels or resorts (or even hostels), but it allows you to connect with your environment organically. Plus, you’ll often get to connect with fellow campers in a way that you might not in a hotel.

Here are three secrets to camping like a pro:

  1. Do Your Research

When you’re camping internationally, you’ll have to deal with things like language barriers, cultural differences, and varying laws. Make sure you’ve done your homework before you go! You’ll want to know things like whether or not camping is free (it is in countries like Sweden and Japan) or requires a permit, and whether or not you can build a campfire when you’re setting up in the backcountry.

You should also be very careful about dumping and trash regulations. In some countries, you can be heavily fined for littering or dumping camp waste. Thanks to the internet, it’s not difficult to find notes from locals and seasoned campers about the country you’re reading to. We love spontaneity, but this is one instance where being prepared pays!

  1. Pack Smarter, Not Less

Since you’ll be traveling with your all your gear, it’s tempting to bring the absolute bare minimum. While that’s perfectly fine, with a little research and some smart purchases, you can actually find equipment that’s either lighter (such as a better-quality sleeping roll) or multipurpose (there are many kinds of soaps that do multi-duty), so you don’t have to skimp on comfort.

If you’re flying to your destination, you’ll also want to keep abreast of flight regulations. If you’re flying from or into the US, for example, the TSA allows you to carry on a clean flight stove, but not the fuel. You’ll have to purchase fuel at your destination. It’s also worth doing a little research–sometimes you can rent much of the necessary gear on or near your location, so you don’t have to hassle with travelling with your gear.

  1. Select a Great Campsite

You can be in the most beautiful country in the world and have the best gear, but if you haven’t chosen a great campsite, it’s all for nought. Pay attention to wind direction and do online research to find notes from other veteran campers in your area. Be aware of your neighbours (are they partiers or are they the quiet type?) and pay attention to the direction you set up your tent. There’s nothing like rolling back the flaps to watch the sunrise as you stay warm in your bedroll! Above all, do not set up too close to the bathrooms.

Camping can be a sheer delight, and when done right, international camping can be a fantastic way to connect memorably with the country you’re staying in. Make sure to do your research, pack smart, and select a great campsite, and you’ll be off to a great experience!

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