10 Travel Apps You Should Know About

Photo Credit: Mr.TinDC via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Mr.TinDC via photopin cc

Once upon a time, when we decided to head off on a trip, we had to walk around with half a ream of paper in our bags, covering flight, transfers, accommodation, tickets, itineraries, insurance etc. Half my hand luggage weight allowance was used up by paper, most of which I barely ever glanced at. Thankfully that’s all changing, and with iPhones and other smart phones meaning we can download apps that store most of this information for us, all we need is minimal paper, and a spare phone charger.

These are ten of the best travel apps you need to be aware of, believe me, they will revolutionise your hand luggage packing!

Trip It

You’ve probably heard of this particular app, as it’s hugely popular at the moment. Basically, this saves all your travel itinerary information in one place. Simply scan it all into your phone, email the other stuff, and it organises everything for you. Say goodbye to that ream of paper.

XE Currency

Money is confusing at the best of times, and if you’re like me and not particular great at maths, then currencies become a minefield. This particular app is up to date, using real time information, and easily converts money from one currency to another. Reliable, and best of all – free!

Google Translate

Don’t parle the lingo? Worry not, this might not be the most fluent of translation apps, but the general jist is probably the best you’re going to get without going native yourself. 64 languages are currently supported too, so you’re likely to find the one you need.

Flight Track

Quite addictive generally, but also quite useful for staying up to date on flight information, such as delays, departure gates etc. It’s a good way to stay one step ahead, and helps you watch flights, be it yours en-route to pick you up, or waiting for visitors or loved ones.


Tipping is a nightmare, and etiquette in one country often differs wildly in another. To sidestep this particular potential faux pas, let this app do the hard work for you. Split the bill, tip appropriately – easy.

Perfect World Clock

It might seem simple, but when you’ve crossed a few time zones, even the simplest question becomes hard one – what time is it? Ask this app, it’ll tell you straight away, so you don’t have to do the maths in your sleep deprived brain.

TravelSafe Pro

Safety is kind of important, right? Well this is a mobile database of all the emergency numbers in many, many different countries. It also includes Embassy information too, so you don’t have to worry about having to Google the emergency number before ringing it – saved time is massively important here.


Another virtual assistant-type app, which compiles all your travel plans into an easy to follow itinerary. The free version is basic, but you can upgrade to a version that sends you alerts, just in case you forget you’re flying on a particular day etc – it has been known!


Information on public transport is hard to find when you’re simply doing an internet search, and the great thing about this app is that within the 60+ listed cities, here you’ll find comprehensive information on getting from A to B, with stop by stop itineraries.

Pin Pin ATM Finder

You need money, you have no idea where the nearest ATM is. Problem! Well this app solves that problem for you, and over 220 countries are listed, so unless you’re in the middle of the Amazon, where quite frankly you’re going to struggle anyway, you’re sure to be covered.

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